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  2. Hey there @Naptime You can't ask buyers to pay more to cover your fees. Please adjust your first post accordingly, as stating your customers "must pay pees" is against TOS. If something is $15, they must only send $15. Your customers aren't responsible for your fees. This is explained under "Important Notes" in the PayPal Guide I have linked!
  3. This dipshit is having a 3 DAY SALE on her premades! @Lineara They really are gorgeous pieces, go check them out! :blove:



  4. Kita

    Orchid - OPEN [0/3]

    Aww, thank you!
  5. Kita

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but it's all too much at once and your brain literally explodes. I wish I didn't dye my hair back in January.
  6. Kita

    [2018] GASR Secret Santa

    ☃ I'd like to be a part of GASR's Secret Santa! ❄ Examples of your art: It comes 600x800 What will you be making?: Drawing I promise to deliver my gift on time and make it with the utmost of care! From my Secret Santa, however, I would like... Name/text: Kita References (or screenies): Boop 1or Boop 2 Extra Details: Everything is in the stash, if you need any help, ask an event coordinator and they'll help you out! ☃ I'd love to volunteer! ❄ Username: Kita Do you promise to complete the artwork no later than Jan. 10th?: Hell yea!
  7. Kita

    Join Dates Update

    File a ticket, lovely and I'll check it out. It may be that your name wasn't added accidentally since it looks like you've got your join date for new GASR rather than original GASR.
  8. Kita

    [ ♥ ] E N A M O R E D ★

    Excited for this one!!
  9. Kita

    ▌GALAXY CATS ▌// Unlimited Slots // OPEN

    Going to need to get me one of those busts for my main OC

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