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  1. Teal

    ~* Band-Aid *~ [1/2] OPEN

    @Skizzeroo - Accepted! I will start working on this right away ^^ 1 more slot open!
  2. Teal

    ~* Band-Aid *~ [1/2] OPEN

    Changed the prices ^^ Come order!!!
  3. Teal

    ~* Band-Aid *~ [1/2] OPEN

    Haha @Nerivny - Yeah I am xD and don't worry I am broke myself! Working on more examples whilst I wait for none broke people :P
  4. Teal

    ~* Band-Aid *~ [1/2] OPEN

    Totally forgot to put up a form This is now open xD!
  5. Teal

    ~* Band-Aid *~ [1/2] OPEN

    ~* Band-Aid *~ Welcome! To this small, not very pretty shop! I will be having very limited slots since I have gotten behind on work before, and I have a full time job! I will pretty this up when I can but for now I just want to get back into things and learn again and grow x.x so baby steps! ~* Rules *~ * Follow all GASR rules * Please be patient! I have a full time job. * Don't be rude ❤️ * Don't order something that I do not do! * Paypal only * I only take USD! * I may add more rules if this keeps being open ^^ ~* Artwork *~ * Do'es Female mostly! (Can try male) Cute stuff <--- love it Minor gore *Don'ts No pets! No furries (Can do animal ears) No couples No animation (For now) ~* Examples + prices*~ (Going new to old) * Price: 10$ * Addons: (Headset, drinks etc.) +3$ ~* Slots *~ (1/2) * Skizzeroo - P1 * ~* Form *~ * Screenie(s): * Expression: * Text: * Addon: * Reference: * Price:
  6. Teal

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    Here you go ^^ Still need to work on my hair x.x
  7. Teal

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Drawing Event

    Tried to do a popart/pixel combo This is me in all my bisexual glory!
  8. Teal

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    Happy pride month! Even my store is selling rainbow goodies :D!!!!
  9. Teal

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    Here you go ❤️
  10. Teal

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    Here you go ❤️
  11. Teal

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    >.< been working on some pixel art for a while and trying to get back into art again ^^ so I made this for you ❤️ Hope you like it!
  12. Teal

    Artwork Lost & Found

    @Lazy - Sorry not mine >_<
  13. Teal

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    @Trifling - Thank you!
  14. Teal

    Post Pictures for Practice [PPFP]

    <3 did pretty art for you!
  15. Teal

    Looking for the artists.

    @Delphinus - Yass I did number 3 long ago :O Nini is right on that one ^^

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