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:bfstar:Hello I'm Ven/Vaixe and I'm a mythical androgynous farting unicorn troll.:fartsies:

But I'm friendly I promise 



I'm 20 y.o., I like everything gothic, creepy, horror, gorey, bloody, colorful, glittery, shiny, weird, sexy, magical, witchcrafty.

I'm on a cusp of Cancer and Leo (zodiac) This might explain why I am contradicting myself all the time.

I own a custom digital shop and a mature custom digital shop. (check on my profile at shops) + :lazemstrstealurgorl:will work on premades soon

And I like humans. 


My current goal is to get more recognized by fellow GASR users (or IMVU) and get more customers.

I've always wanted to be popular somewhere, still working no that ;_;

Also for some reason I am good with following orders and doing customs but I don't put in maximum effort into my premades.

(maybe because nobody buys them anyways)

Some of my newer art.

I'm constantly improving or trying out new things



giphy.gifI would post something on the right but it doesn't let me e_e













































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