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  • Birthday 11/28/1998

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    Please tag me in replies!
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  1. Claim~ I'll work on it tomorrow
  2. Claim @Toy it's done! Sorry for taking so long, and I hope you like it! @Flaky That is ultra cute! Thank you
  3. Pvppy

    🌻psro's shopピサロ🌻 Open 5/6

    Same here!
  4. Pvppy

    ♥ Shop Stark ♥ (OPEN) 1 premades.

    Style (avatar edit or anime): Anime Solo/Duo: Duo Name(s) you want on it: Sabrina and Ryan Pose Reference: Pose 2 Character(s) References: Sabrina and Ryan, please use the outfits in his references. Not the ones we already have two pictures with though ;n; Background References: Surprise me! Accessory: A hand? Animation: N/A Estimated price: $36 (Bribe and hand) Deep Dark Secret (just something about you): I still think Dragon Age: Origins is the best game ever made and no one will ever change my mind. Let me know if you want a join.me session: Sure! Those are fun
  5. Pvppy

    Rainy Days / $5 Simple anime [1/3]

    Do you do couples?
  6. ☆ FORM ☆ Size: DP, couple Text: Sabrina and Ryan References: my bf and me, ignore the pose notes and could you use 4 (preferred) or 2? Animation: -- Price: $17
  7. Pvppy

    $15 Drawings | Unlimited Slots

    oooh, i can't wait till you do couples
  8. woah, that's gorgeous. super excited for mine!
  9. Pvppy


    @Challie Do you want those of us that have been moved off the waiting list into the slots to post our forms?
  10. Pvppy

    Cotton's Adopt Center: (1) NEW 5/21/18

    Could you maybe make the skin a little warmer to mesh better with it? otherwise, i really love how vibrant it is!
  11. Pvppy

    ❤ doll art shop ❤

    sorry about that, this was before you had
  12. Pvppy

    ❤ doll art shop ❤

    @bruised hey, you stopped our pms? ^^' but the version i received seems to be a wip, since it still has your watermark on it.
  13. Pvppy

    Cotton's Adopt Center: (1) NEW 5/21/18

    thank u, i'm so excited!!

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