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Little Pixel Sakura Bullet Light by AcrylliaVLittle Pixel Sakura Bullet Light by AcrylliaV STATUS: ON HIATUS (studying for exams) Little Pixel Sakura Bullet Light by AcrylliaVLittle Pixel Sakura Bullet Light by AcrylliaV





Hello~ I'm a hobby artist who's just a litttllleee bit quirky and weird haha but welcome to my little corner.

Below is a list of unnecessary information about me, and look at that!
it's here so you might as well learn about it~ trust me you'll probably waste time but it's still here for you haha





tumblr_ll7xdypSeR1qi6qow.gif I'm an awkward turtle, an introvert buuut I'm a really friendly person so don't be shy and feel free to add me! 
tumblr_ll7xdypSeR1qi6qow.gif I LOVE ANIMEE~ <33 PM me and we'll talk and be like best friends. Check out myanimelist here
tumblr_ll7xdypSeR1qi6qow.gif I'm a college student in my second year.
My major is Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience and I am minoring in Chemistry.
tumblr_ll7xdypSeR1qi6qow.gif I'm Canadian but I have lived in the U.S. for most of my life. I've also lived in China!
tumblr_ll7xdypSeR1qi6qow.gif I'm a bit of an airhead...dreaming all day all night 😄
tumblr_ll7xdypSeR1qi6qow.gif Drawing is my greatest passion! I'm self-taught and started drawing because I love it so much. Started on the forums of IMVU as a thirteen year old haha and even now I'm always striving for improvement in the pieces I create


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