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  1. @Delphinus hey! thanks :) ill have them ready by tmrw night
  2. @Delphinus an extra text would be an extra dollar so it would be 11$ if that is alright, you may send PLEASE SEND AS "GOODS OR SERVICES" AND TO CHECK OFF "NO SHIPPING ADDRESS"
  3. @Kita when you forget to reply but thank uuu
  4. [2018] Zodiac Celebration

    okii, i understand
  5. [2018] Zodiac Celebration

    can it be like a sketch or
  6. @Dreams thanks! @Animu sry for being late, thank you for ur patience too hope you enjoy
  7. @Cymette i dont understand "background with the colors currently" and about the geometric background, im going to have to decline on that one bc i specifically did it for the characters being used in a webtoon me and my friend are making sorry and yes bg is free
  8. @Animu thanks! ill have them ready by tonight or tmrw
  9. @Animu accepted :) and for both skin versions? it'll be 16$ @Resail @Lettuce np! come bk soon
  10. @doll i loveee omg thank you so much
  11. @Lettuce Here you go! enjoy :) + 3 new

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