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                       Hi there and welcome to my Profile!                          __floating_stars___divider___by_sugareesweets-d7qn8ua.gif.c40fee685be8aa490679579a085f9404.gif     










My name Posi is short for Positivity!

I try really hard to be as positive as possible and fight negative thoughts and share my positivity as much as can with  the world.                                                          





                                                                 I'm a huge fan oftumblr_oqf2qviIgt1upj8mto1_250.gif.75e821757b92ea79708c160027a9e189.gif


girlontop.png.gif.a805d1dbe717b5aaf3818c4d713fa79a.gifAnime          girlontop.png.gif.a805d1dbe717b5aaf3818c4d713fa79a.gifVideo Games          girlontop.png.gif.a805d1dbe717b5aaf3818c4d713fa79a.gifArt          girlontop.png.gif.a805d1dbe717b5aaf3818c4d713fa79a.gifSexy Things

      girlontop.png.gif.a805d1dbe717b5aaf3818c4d713fa79a.gifComedy           girlontop.png.gif.a805d1dbe717b5aaf3818c4d713fa79a.gifPositivity           girlontop.png.gif.a805d1dbe717b5aaf3818c4d713fa79a.gifWriting          girlontop.png.gif.a805d1dbe717b5aaf3818c4d713fa79a.gif  Reading             





I'm currently unemployed but working hard at my personal health. I love writing fantasy novels, paranormal, fanfiction and NSFW stories. I also create fun AMVS of different shows or (my fandoms :gettingaway:) and others...


I play a lot of video games like Overwatch and hoping to start streaming soon so you can come watch me play live!                                       


Recent Overwatch AMV (ft. me!)

 Wattpad Author: Lita Bloom

 Popular AMV              


Current Orders in the Shops~

Molang Colored $8
Xilatr Sketched Paid
HinabKu Sketched Paid
Yukio Sketched $15
Bunnycat Accepted $5


Shops Hoping to Buy From Soon
Maze:(Shop Status:Closed) Chibi $12
Yukiokocchi Animated Portrait $10
Light Custom Art (Full) Bust $18EU
Softly's Cat Cafe Cat paw Macaroon $20
Epiphany DP $20
Xandriax Customs Fullbody Chibi and DP 20k and 30k Credits
DaeDae (Shop Status:Full) Bust or Half Body $20+
Maze (Shop Status:Closed) Semi Real $23
Fluffans Art (Full) Chibi and Animated Bust 25+
OuO Shop (Closed) Bust $26
kupk3k's Chibis $27
StarStorm Portrait  $37
Eukia's Shop DP $30
Purrincess Pixel And Chibi Pixel and Mochi Chibis $35+
NHI's Custom Shop Bust $30
Fairy Key Pixy Style $39
Pea DP $40
NHI's Custom Shop Half Body $45
Hollow's Tea House Bust $56







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