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 | S Y E R I N
Welcome to my about me section, for custom orders please go to my artwork section, to find out more about me, read below! 
//About me:


Name: Jade or Syerin 

Birthday: 04/12/1995 Age: 23

Location: United Kingdom


Instagram: Syerin_Art

DeviantArt: Syerin

PSN: Merphase


Hobbies: Drawing & Gaming

Interests: Kitty cats, Music, Shopping, 

Singing in the shower, Disney, Fashion,Chinese Food,

Overwatch, Making new friends!

Dislikes: Toxic people, Art thieves, Bullies, People who

judge outright, Spicy/Sweet&sour foods.


I love making new friends, I welcome any PM's

even if it's just to chat about random stuff, feel

free to add me on PSN I'd love some gaming friends!





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