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  1. New GASR Moderators!!!

    Congratulations to you both (again)!
  2. ✧ Semi-Available ✧

    Status: Semi-Available CURRENT UPDATE ✧ January 12, 2018: New year. I really really have to focus on grad (law) school applications and resume boosting. I'll be working, going to court, apartment/house hunting, and etc more than ever as deadlines approach for applications. Please send me good vibes. As always, though, I'll still do all my GASR duties, and can reply to PMs when I'm off, but I will be a bit busy. Don't let that keep you from reaching out if needed.
  3. GASR Survey Results!

    I'll only comment on 3 of the reviews as everything I would have said has been said by Cas and Kim~ Reading this made me feel as if you were saying Chelly had some dramatic backstory like "Chelly's parents didn't give her enough tacos as a child so she decided to be saucy to make up for the lack of taco bell sauce in her life." But, seriously. I don't understand the fear. You shouldn't be afraid to talk to her, or anyone on staff OR on the site. We're a community. How can we truly come together if we have users afraid of socializing with one another? And this is coming from an introvert like myself. I've never found Chelly intimidating/scary/etc. She's just a person like me, you, and everyone else here. She enjoys the finer things in life such as memes and puns. What's there to fear? And DJ Cielo understands the glory that is DJ Khaled. He's cut from the finest silk. Nicole has been around since forever and she's still going strong. That's got to account for something + birbs. Shanel was a blessing while she was around. I used to talk to her a lot years ago off-GASR. It's unfortunate that she had to step down. ;x; Buttttt, Kim the innocent - a global who wasn't a global during the survey - is a blessing. She's a sweetheart. Please don't be afraid to talk to these precious individuals we have as staff. I'll probably say the same thing when the survey results come out for art shop moderators, art theft moderators, event coordinators, and social media. "Still no Jen." Well, that's because she's not Jen. I like Jen and I like Chelly, ("but Kia you like everyone???" okay but I mean ). Jen took the forum to a place and then stopped. Chelly stepped in and took the site to where you see it today. I do not have to specifically state who is better as you can formulate that opinion on your own based on what you see before you. All I will say is that stating that Chelly is not Jen, in a way that is most likely stating that you prefer Jen over Chelly, is rude. Chelly has put so much time and life energy into GASR. The fact you came onto the product of her, and staff's, hard work just to say that she isn't Jen is... ??? Why?? biased: unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something uncouth: lacking good manners I don't think these adjectives describe Chelly. She just has a different way of talking/approaching people and there's nothing wrong with that. Everyone can't type/talk/handle a situation the same way or there would be deadlock. That's unfortunate. Hopefully, in future surveys, you will have an opinion to express. to finish this off, I will post a .gif addressed to the admins/globals
  4. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    Finally caught up with all of this. I wholly agree with every mod who has posted stating to not be afraid to reach out to us! We all have working inboxes that are open to receiving messages. <3 It's as simple as typing our username, the message, and hitting send. We have a dedicated area where we post our availability. It is found here. You can also check the "online staff" list. There is usually someone always online willing and ready to help! You may also just message us to chat and/or get to know us more. I know I've made some friends from simply conversing with them through inbox (shoutout to my inbox friends ). Don't think it's a bother or that we're going to dismiss you. We're also in the discord server so that's another avenue to reach us through to get to know us as people. Disclaimer: Any reports/issues/concerns/feedback should be handled through GASR and not DMs on discord, though. I'd also like to note that you should not feel like a moderator is dismissing you if they reply to your questions with a link. Staff has worked hard to provide users with the answers they need without having to spend forever searching the site. If a moderator links you somewhere, then they are simply trying to help direct you to the place where your question/concern has been addressed or a place where you can post your concern/feedback for others to chime in. It's a means of helping resolve your issue fast and a teaching method to help you know where to look in the future. I promise. But, yes! You guys are all precious. I'm so happy to know that Chelly, DJ Cielos, and the rest of staff's efforts to move GASR into a new direction have been met with positivity. We want you all to feel like you are free to be youselves while on this site. Where it's not just "Hello -username,-" but "Hello -name." Where your creativity isn't being constrained and your needs and security/privacy are of the utmost importance. GASR (on IMVU, forumotion, and now here) has always been a place for me to flex my creativity while also conversing/meeting people with similar interests, which is why I'm putting emphasis on my adoration of people being.. well, good people. I've seen so many users who normally never posted actively communicating with others in a friendly manner and it's so nice to see. The stats posted show that. This is only the beginning! There are so many things being planned and thought of behind the scenes that I know will only make this place better and I can't wait to meet the new mods who will help us accomplish all these great things. I hope some of you passionate users will take the time to apply. :> Please continue to respectfully post not only here, but elsewhere on the site. Your comments/posts/feedback/etc are not going unseen. <33
  5. [OCT 04, 2017] Age Verification

    joking. I'm still innocent. Well I'm a derp. I got age verification, but it wouldn't allow me to access the section. I was sat here for a good 3 minutes before I realized it was because I have my birth year hidden on my profile. henlo brain it me
  6. GASR Now Has Twitch!

    I'll post mine in case I choose to stream via twitch instead of picarto https://www.twitch.tv/kiamotorsinc
  7. GASR Quest


    This was a fun event! I'm excited to see how it progresses in the future. Suggestions: Possibly a "shop" where users can exchange "money" for weapons/armor/upgrades/etc. Maybe they could earn the "money" by grinding or have certain users pose as NPCs that give you side quests "Quick, hero! I need assistance. There is a monster attacking my shop, but I cannot find it. Can you tell me where it is? I'll pay you 80 gold (just an example)" and the user (or event mod) would put a monster in a spoiler somewhere in the shop for the hero to locate. Something like that?? hmm. An ending where the user is talked into joining forces and/or is given the opportunity of joining forces with the dark side. Maybe a party system like in mmropgs? 3 people maximum.
  8. ✧ Semi-Available ✧

    Status: Semi-Available OLD UPDATES ✧ August 27, 2017: Currently working and preparing my resumes for grad school and studying abroad. ✧ August 10, 2017: Wisdom tooth removed. Need a day or two to not be in too much pain. ✧ September 10, 2017: Started my new job on top of preparing my resume and personal statement for law school applications (also applying and potentially visiting law schools). Second job will start October 13th. It'll be Fridays from 3-5:30 p.m.;however, I might sub on days I'm off from job #1 if needed. I'll still do all my GASR duties, and can reply to PMs when I'm off, but I will be a bit busy. Don't let that keep you from reaching out if needed.
  9. ✧ Semi-Available ✧

    Work Schedule ✧ January source ;; ✧
  10. ✧ Semi-Available ✧

    Status: Semi-Available✧ Kia. ♀ Taurus ✧ UTC-04:00 ✧ Hi! Your friendly neighborhood vegetarian and self-titled pun princess here.~✧ I am usually always available so feel free to PM me with any issues you may have! Issues I can help with: ✧ Basic forum needs. ✧ Questions on whether or not something is theft. Note: You are able to report posts if you find them suspicious. Just click "report post" in the top-right corner of the post. Make sure to provide all proof you have for the report in the pop-up box. :> ✧ Unsure of permissions. ✧ Reporting suspicious artwork with and/or without proof. ✧ Mandarin (simplified Chinese) translations (not fluent).

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