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  1. Discord server up and running for anyone who cares to join https://discord.gg/xDPmQ2C
  2. £70 Demon Couple Available It's back up
  3. @Bitter Do you still want the metal barbie 2? Just need to know, it says it on your form xD
  4. @Emberly @BitterWhich metal barbie? Lol
  5. £60 Metal Barbie 1 Available £60 Metal Barbie 2 Available £70 Demon Couple Available
  6. Sorry, there's a delay with the DP's. They'll be definitely up tomorrow! Sorry about this.
  7. 3 couple DP's in an hour. Goth DP's next week.
  8. £60 Santa's little helper Available It's back up.
  9. Currency is switched to £ not $ anymore, btw! Forgot to even mention
  10. £52 Holly Available £60 Lydia Available

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