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★° 🎀 Aiye@GASR/IMVU 🎀 °★


Hi! I'm Aiye! 


I'm kinda new to using GASR. I decided to make a group for my badge art. It's called Sugar Baby Pixels and

you can find it  under Groups section, or you can see what groups I've joined and find it through there. Sometimes i'll post in the premade market too, but i need a content count of 50 first before i can do that. It's why i made my group. Anyway, i'm still learning with my art and i hope to develop more as an artist and be able to make my customers feel happy with 

  cute pixels! 



I have been pixelling for about a year now i think? And I've definitely improved but i still struggle with certain things such as people and chibis. I struggle getting the texture right for hair, so i can do aliens if they're traditional with no hair but anything that involves hair i find hard! I'm hoping with more experience and practice i will learn new techniques that help me improve my work.

I study at college and have a part time job so sometimes i may be unavailable to take on custom work but if you send me a message

i'll let you know when i can fit you in for a custom

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