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  1. i love your work gurl keep it up!
  2. im back with money
  3. ✦Make me some art✦ ☆Single or Couple ☆Style: 2 ☆Size: half ☆References: pics ☆Pose: pic :) ☆Expression: any ☆Animation: blinking ☆Background (Ideas) behind a gate outside ☆Text: Ayea & lenny ☆Extra: none ☆Price: 25?
  4. Thank you soo much your art is amazing
  5. Style : soft anime/ features References : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/a4j1iqhzaat0j68/AABddsVovaThgxiV3oJkii3Ga?dl=0 Text : Bumise Animations (optional) : blinking Price : 40? Email (paypal) : [email protected]

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