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  1. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    95% of reports we get about rude behavior are reported by normal members of the community. Not staff, the members themselves. We can't control the feelings and opinions of our members. Another thing, majority if not all warnings that are sent out have been agreed upon and are backed up by the others on the staff team, including the admins. We have different personalities and opinions, but the guidelines are followed the same way throughout the team, and if there is a question about it, it is discussed and agreed upon. Staff will and have reported members for harassment. Don't think for a second that because we're staff we have to take the verbal abuse some of you dish out without doing anything about it. We're just enforcing the rules, none of it is a personal attack. If you choose to take it that way, that's on you. We're not here to cater to your needs and make you comfortable, but we aren't here to make you uncomfortable either. Your experience on GASR is entirely up to you. Follow rules, be nice to each other, and keep the rude remarks to a minimum.





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      rude af... nvm then  :sideeyeha:

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      lov u n miss u 2 nerd u the best OK turn that frown upside down :icry:

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      that's BETTER :lazesupersxy:


  4. ° A V A I L A B L E °

    Unavailable from November 22nd to December 20th. I have 3 jobs, one as a tutor, one as a stock associate, and another in retail as a sales associate/engraver person. I will still be handling auction related items! You can still pm me your auction forms, but I may not see it until later that week. See u at christmas!!!
  5. @Lazy she a bully aint she

    1. kyles


      She verbally abuses us on the daily. :(

    2. Cas
  6. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    why she gotta ruin kingdom hearts :(
  7. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

    WOOOOOOO apply and join usss
  8. GASR Survey Results!

    Can't wait to see the rest of staff reviews
  9. GASR Survey Results!

    This is a perfect example of someone who has NO idea what goes on behind the scenes but thinks they do. I've been a member on and off of GASR for around 4 years now, and at first I thought this "Queen" member was a bitch, but I never felt she was being that way for no reason. After getting to know her more, it's not her being a bitch or "uncouth", it's about her being straight to the point so shit gets done so she can move on to the next because she has a LOT to do. "Still no Jen" Well yeah Jen did what she could do for forumotion, but Chelly has done SO much more. Especially with getting the new forum done. So yes. She's not Jen because Chelly creates new coding FROM SCRATCH for GASR instead of finding templates and editing them. As for the bias statement... where? If you really think she's being biased instead of making baseless accusations, report her with proof and Cielo will review it for you. If you just look at how much GASR has improved and changed for the better since Chelly was made admin, there should be zero doubt that she is suited for the position. Chelly got attitude, but what's wrong with that? You don't think past admins have had attitudes? They're human. If she was everyone's friend, it would be hilarious and lively, but since she tells people what's what with PROOF of it, it's "awful". Chelly addressed this PERFECTLY in her response, so I won't add too much to this except she was right in standing up against the bullshit that was going on, and there was a lot of it. Old GASR had a lot of tension, it was scary to even post anything because you didn't know if someone was gonna be up your ass the next minute attacking you. If you speak up, you won't be attacked or treated maliciously unless you start treating others the same. Just recently Chelly and I disagreed on a matter, but there were no claws, ad hominems, or blood. It was two people explaining their points of views with proof, or lack of, to find the best solution and we moved on. Forumotion was ass. GASR hosts itself now but uses software from Invision, which is an AMAZING software, and many thanks to Chelly for researching forum software for months, finding IPS, and trying to make this completely different platform look like old GASR. Cielo has been an incredible help for the team. Both of our admins are I'm not saying that Cielo is an awesome admin because he's in a way my "boss", I am actually SO impressed with how much he dedicates himself to GASR and how well he's adapted to the role. They make a great team of admins and they treat GASR as their child. As a member of GASR you aren't required to know staff personally or pay attention to every single thing they do, but damn. Lazy/Chelly is the one who put the new forum together with original coding and a few templates as well as handling the finances and coming up with new ideas to improve GASR and execute those ideas. Luxor/Cielo is the one who is helping move all the back end parts of GASR over and updated the new rules and guidelines. It's SO much work, there are so many parts of GASR normal members don't have access to. TL;DR without Lazy and Luxor, there would be no new GASR site for us to use. Thank you for your valuable input.
  10. IM SORRY I HAVENT SAID IT YET BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY (it's still the 3rd for me so HA)



    1. kyles


      LOL thank u kim :fingerguns:

    2. kyles


      i might have to block you because of the minion shit tho... sorry


    3. Fervent


      Little did you know, you can tell block mods ;) 

      so now I can forever annoy you with minions shit :llcool:

  11. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    these dank memes
  12. GASR Survey Results!

    I am happy that you guys gave us your input, even some of the negative ones, so we have the chance to respond and give our point of view and opinions, whether we agree with you or not.
  13. Hey GASR, let's talk...

    ^^^^^^ This is why I posted that you guys should report rude members. A few years or so back on old GASR there were a few users who would basically bully others if they said one thing that they didn't agree with, and it created such a hostile atmosphere, especially in the OT section. And they were proud of it. There's no issue with having an opinion you feel strongly about, but the way they went about it was just nasty. That hostility is why the old OT section was closed in the first place. If a user is being aggressive, report it so we can nip it in the bud so staff doesn't have to resort to closing down a fun section where members and staff can talk about pretty much anything and build friendships and other mushy shit. Rules have been changed so hostile behavior will not be treated as lightly as it has in the past. I've had the same feelings of not wanting to get involved in an argument or putting an opinion out there because of being shy or not wanting the hassle, but I would say try to do so once in a while in a professional or courteous manner like you did in this post and you'll be fine. Respectful discussion is okay, heated arguing and name calling is not.
  14. GASR Survey Results!

    can confirm, all of staff have PTSD from chelly's sick burns

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