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  1. Will

    Feelings Thread (v2)

    That moment when you're arguing with your parents and they announce that your bunnies - who you got to hold for three ish days four years ago - died in an effort to spite you after eight months of not mentioning it because they "didn't want" you to "feel sad".
  2. Will

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    @Flix, thank you child. : - )
  3. Will

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    This is long and kind of a pointless ramble but what else is new. Happy pride month, children.
  4. Sorry but that one's already been sold, you pretty much just missed it. Feel free to pick another one or stay tuned for more.
  5. Proof of payment! @Will, nobody needs you around bro, I'm gonna dm her either way.
  6. @Will Accepted! Please send to kaylawaltonn@live.com and show proof of payment. I'm not sure if you can just dm her like that Β¬ _Β¬ everything has to go through me first.
  7. order for you ______________________________________ _ _ _ Premade#: Carrot/20, Doodle Babies #22 & #23 Text: Will pm you! Changes: None. Total: $10.30 + all rewards.
  8. Will

    Onmyoji ; Forest Queen Hakuro

    I don't really know what you're on about, but I'm jealous and my chest hurts looking at this piece. Like damn, okay. Not even sure what to say positively about it because where do I begin, where do I finish?
  9. Will


    Not gonna lie, I love the face in this style too and just the?? Simplicity with the major impact of it? The clothes, the well, the choice of the flower crown, even the colours just tie in really nicely together. But yes, the flowy hair is a definite positive too. :^)
  10. Will


    I'm not sure if this is gonna be a permanent new style of yours but πŸ‘€ I am loving this.
  11. Will


    1. Ayumi


      gues i gotta find someone else who'll put up w me on a daily basis thenΒ image

  12. Ayumi

    HMPH. haiwooΒ image

  13. βœ…Β another day wasted doing no revision or lab prep


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