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  1. Will

    Feelings Thread (v2)

    That moment when you're arguing with your parents and they announce that your bunnies - who you got to hold for three ish days four years ago - died in an effort to spite you after eight months of not mentioning it because they "didn't want" you to "feel sad".
  2. I wasn't going to vote until I had a better understanding of different individuals' viewpoints and I guess now that I've voted, I'm just commenting to add my own opinions. With regards to the mature section, I do think it should be open. I'm aware that I'm still a minor but I'm really not that interested in nsfw art that I'd go out of my way to view it on GASR. If a minor really wanted to be included in the mature section, I'm sure that they'd find ways around verifying their age either way - with or without payment. I'm assuming that the whole verifying age method has to be done with some form of ID. Relating it to IMVU, I've spoken to numerous minors who have verified their age and then had their age verification taken away from them once they were flagged. This has actually occurred the other way too, where adults would give "tips" on how to change an account's age (for example - although I'm really not promoting this idea, get a friend to send their ID to you instead beforehand and then verify your age). I think it's more important for it to be emphasised that if they do lie about their age and they're caught, it could result to points being given or their account being suspended or whatever else you feel suitable. I kind of agree with a lot of opinions shared by everyone else, like users being hesitant to purchase something which isn't used to its full capacity yet (thanks Mary). I do also kind of agree with Vee and Tao though, but some minors have bank cards legally and PayPal accounts (technically illegally I believe?) by the time they're like, 11 or 7 just looking at HSBC's children's' accounts. And like it's been said, the verification isn't expensive at all. I just think it's a bit tragic that minors have to be monitored and kept in line in such a way on sites like GASR of all places. There are a handful of sites that I can name off of the top of my head which should really be doing a better job at verifying the age of its users, but instead we might have kids trying to view mature content on GASR. Shame on you, children. Shame on you. Anyway, I voted for the let members choose what they would like since everyone will probably want something different. As it's not a large amount, some probably wouldn't mind just leaving it as a donation towards the contributors' badge, some might want Elite (especially since the see who's reacted to your posts feature is back) but others might want a refund if they solely wanted access to the mature section. Giving those who paid the option between the three like you've considered would probably result in a... happier customer base?
  3. Will

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    @Flix, thank you child. : - )
  4. Will

    [2018] LGBTQ+ Pride Event

    This is long and kind of a pointless ramble but what else is new. Happy pride month, children.
  5. Sorry but that one's already been sold, you pretty much just missed it. Feel free to pick another one or stay tuned for more.
  6. @Will Accepted! Please send to kaylawaltonn@live.com and show proof of payment. I'm not sure if you can just dm her like that Β¬ _Β¬ everything has to go through me first.
  7. order for you ______________________________________ _ _ _ Premade#: Carrot/20, Doodle Babies #22 & #23 Text: Will pm you! Changes: None. Total: $10.30 + all rewards.
  8. Will

    Onmyoji ; Forest Queen Hakuro

    I don't really know what you're on about, but I'm jealous and my chest hurts looking at this piece. Like damn, okay. Not even sure what to say positively about it because where do I begin, where do I finish?
  9. Will


    Not gonna lie, I love the face in this style too and just the?? Simplicity with the major impact of it? The clothes, the well, the choice of the flower crown, even the colours just tie in really nicely together. But yes, the flowy hair is a definite positive too. :^)
  10. Will


    I'm not sure if this is gonna be a permanent new style of yours but πŸ‘€ I am loving this.
  11. Will


    1. Ayumi


      gues i gotta find someone else who'll put up w me on a daily basis thenΒ image

  12. Ayumi

    HMPH. haiwooΒ image

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