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  1. Show off your latest creation!

    Here’s my interpretation of a human Henry (the green engine)! After making Thomas and James I couldn’t just stop there :’) While Thomas and James both appear rather youthful, Henry appears a mite more mature. He is distinguished and gentlemanly with a very tall and slim build- almost a little frail looking, but he’s stronger than he appears.
  2. Haha, hello there! Glad to have you :') Hey there! Great to see you again- I look forward to whatever you'll come up with if you do! Thank you very much! I'm glad you like my work, and I look forward to drawing your idea!
  3. Explicit Content – PSA

    My thoughts exactly.. -Edit- Not to malign anyone because I don't judge other people for what they prefer to do in private so long as everyone is safe and no one is getting hurt, but the surge in popularity of hyper-sexual imagery on GASR has made me severely uncomfortable for a long time. I feel like I shouldn't be looking at a lot of the things I see, and while that may be more my problem than anyone else's problem, I think it bears saying that in a lot of ways it's gotten kind of out of control. I think having more boundaries on what constitutes "NSFW" and what does not is definitely a conversation worth having, so I'm glad to see the staff taking notice.
  4. New style available! I've gotten quite fond of old cartoons and I thought it might be fun to emulate them in commission work :') Updated my "Styles" with an example!
  5. Show off your latest creation!

    Boy howdy I haven’t drawn this character in like ten years, but this was actually really fun! I also didn’t really mean for it to turn out getting so emotional but here we are. I’m really in love with this new brush, it has such a nice effect and makes drawing with a mouse look considerably more natural with the slight tapering effect. I'd actually like to know if people would be interested if I started taking commissions in this style I've been toying with lately.
  6. Show off your latest creation!

    Another gift for an RP buddy :') This is really out of the ordinary for me, but I actually like it! I got kind of carried away with the hair x'D
  7. Show off your latest creation!

    Here's a gift for a (soon to be) RP buddy of mine on tumblr :') I've never drawn him before, but Gin has a lovely smile. I've also never drawn a persimmon before. They turned out looking quite like tomatoes, whoops x'D
  8. Show off your latest creation!

    “Defense of King and Castle” Hey look, more art! Honestly I like drawing his sword even though doing straight lines at an angle with a mouse is.. Hrhgrn. This took me about three days even though it looks rather sketchy, mostly because I used a lot of new brushes and techniques and I had absolutely no clue what I was doing half the time, haha! I’m pretty pleased with the end result though. I’d like to use that background brush for a full piece sometime, it’s got a rather lovely painterly effect.
  9. Show off your latest creation!

    Bendy in Acrylic I got some more canvases for Christmas, and I always thought Bendy would look really good painted in acrylics, so a couple days ago I broke out my brushes and paints and got to work! I’m pretty pleased with the result :’)I had this (and most of the rest of the album as well!) on repeat while I was working x’D
  10. Show off your latest creation!

    Doodled another Cuphead- planning to draw Mugman as well, and I might colour this later :’)
  11. Show Off your Original Character!

    I got started on this illustration a while back but only finished it recently- I guess I still don’t consider it “finished”, but it’s finished enough to be posted x’D Mostly because I’m tired of looking at all this art in my folder that I’m being way too picky to just post already. Anyway this is Maybe-Tom, a character from an original “wild west” themed story concept of mine, wherein a traveler (Tom) finds a piece of errant alien technology. When he stops to inspect it, the device attaches itself to him like an earpiece- of course, he panics and attempts to remove it but finds that it’s impossible to take off. Scared for the implications of this, he seeks help from the only person who might be capable of it- a fabled inventor. The inventor is mystified by the strange technology that has chosen Tom as its host.. But they soon discover that they aren’t the only ones who know about the existence of such items and find themselves on the run from a mysterious gang of bandits who are trying to claim the device for their own. The reason why becomes clear in the days that follow, as Tom and his new friend realize just how startlingly powerful his new accessory actually is.. Maybe-Tom isn’t happy to be running for his life, but he resolves to use his new abilities in the name of law and justice in the relatively lawless country- and learning ever more clever and creative ways to use them along the way. I also had the (totally awesome and not dumb at all) idea that all of the characters’ names should be puns or jokes of some sort. It came to me when I was trying to name Tom. I wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted that to be his name. So in the very first picture I drew of him, I titled it “Maybe Tom”- but then I thought, “what if his parents weren’t sure they wanted to name him Tom either and his actual name just ended up being ‘Maybe-Tom’?” And it stuck x’D
  12. Show Off your Original Character!

    Decided to do a little animating tonight after the Christmas festivities were over :’) So here’s a character of mine doing what he does.
  13. -I'm just a dreamer, living in a dreamy world.- Hello! This is Elsen here and I'm going to be practicing my 3D skills here- I've been working with 3D for a while now, primarily in Sketchup, but I'm attempting to get into Blender. Please note that I'm still cutting my teeth in 3D as a whole, but I'm willing to give things a shot and get creative with my limited knowledge and limited program [Sketchup]. Also note that I do prefer slightly surreal themes, and I reserve the right to refuse any commission I find inappropriate or otherwise not fitting for my style and/or program. I will: -Make room and accessorie meshes for use on IMVU. -Texture them for you. -Create derivable rooms/accessories for you to use. -Leave all meshes available for derivation by anyone. I will not: -Sell the actual files to you. -Create anything AP. -Do exceedingly extravagant meshes. -Make exclusives. At this time I can only accept Paypal. Paypal E-mail: PumpkinWhatPumpkin@gmail.com Accessorie/Furniture [Derivable] -$10-15, depending on complexity. Accessorie/Furniture [Textured] -$20-25, depending on complexity. Includes derivable. Room Mesh [Derivable] -$25-30, depending on complexity. Room Mesh [Textured] -$30-35, includes derivable. Accessories/Furniture: Rooms:
  14. Show off your latest creation!

    Here’s my traditional Christmas Grinch! I draw him every year- he’s quite a fun character :’) I may come back and touch this up a bit, but for now I think I’m satisfied with it. I also made this roughly wallpaper size, so feel free to use it as a desktop background if you like! Just be sure to direct folks back here if they ask ;’) That said, merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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