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  1. The rose garden; 19-03-2018

    New pack added
  2. Chickens

    @Taiga Sorry, your style is not really what i'm looking for
  3. Chickens

    @Dox The last 10k have been send ^^ @Dakkokki Chickens are always good
  4. Chickens

    First 10k has been send. I'll send the other 20k asap :]
  5. Chickens

    @Dox Woah, thats so cool haha! I'd like whatdowelove or wdwl as text, please ^^
  6. Chickens

    @Dox Sunshine and Feisty might be a nice pair? But you can pick anything you like @PxlDana Thank you! I'll use it right away
  7. The rose garden; 19-03-2018

    @MatchaTea Confirmed!
  8. Chickens

    @Ainsell Thank you, i think a lot of people adore chickens :p Your style isnt really what im looking for, sorry! @Dox I wish they were mine, they look fab haha.. We do have 3 chickens similar or the same as Femme Fatale and they're adorable. I checked your profile for samples of your artwork. You can start with my request ^^ @PxlDana The rest of your payment had been sent
  9. Chickens

    Oh thats great! I'll send payment over in a moment. Could you add the text Whatdowelove or WDWL? // First 10k has been send. I'll send the rest later when imvu will let me..
  10. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    The skin looks so soft and smooth in that last wip.. And real life goes first right? Artists shouldnt apologize for it, its normal
  11. The rose garden; 19-03-2018

    Something new is happening with the packs. They are now based on a theme or item and you can buy them with credits or paypal
  12. Chickens

    @Toy Aww, thank you haha. The chicken you posted is adorable! @PxlDana I'm not sure about the red part? Is it possible to remove that? I dont mind the circle behind her but i'm not a fan of it on the face. Other than that i think it looks great! I'd like just a 160x220 version, please ^^
  13. Chickens

    Aw i love that! Please continue
  14. Chickens

    @PxlDana Sure, your examples look cute! Feel free to start
  15. The rose garden; 19-03-2018

    If you're looking for a fun request to make yourself some credits try my request! https://gasrforum.net/topic/4478-chickens/

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