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  1. Omg What Pixels! Full! Only Bribes!

    If anyone wants a laugh!
  2. Omg What Pixels! Full! Only Bribes!

    Accepted and added to the slots!♥ @Babydoll please message me the refsso I can accept!♥
  3. Omg What Pixels! Full! Only Bribes!

    Okay for sure there will be premades! Yesterday I wasnt feeling well DX, today is okay my tummy settled down!
  4. Omg What Pixels! Full! Only Bribes!

    Premades later today or night!
  5. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    What a beauty!!
  6. Omg What Pixels! Full! Only Bribes!

    PLEASE READ! So I'm cancelling all regular slots, from now on I'm only doing bribes. In till I'm feeling up to do regular slots again. I did message everyone that was on the wait list and regular slots! There is 2 bribe slots open! I'm only doing the ones I want, or the ones I know I will enjoy. (I have been to stressed out and I'm just not in the mood anymore)
  7. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    @Lunna I hate to do this but I wont be albe to grab her. Something came up. I hope you understand. Im sorry
  8. Omg What Pixels! Full! Only Bribes!

    Will be messaging people that are on my custom slots list and the waiting list. Just need to go out for a bit to think about some stuff.
  9. 🌱 ᴄ ᴀ ᴘ [ nothing up atm ]

    Goddamn I would tap Bono.
  10. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    @Lunna would it be okay to pay n a few hours? :O I have to do some stuff first if that is fine.
  11. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    ♡ Premade nr: 095 ♡ Text: Alexina ♡ Watermark (yes/no): yes! ♡ (If yes) Watermark text: omggummiebears ♡ Paypal email: alexina.monster@gmail.com ♡ Extra: n/a
  12. Omg What Pixels! Full! Only Bribes!

    So after all this batch of badges,(Even the waitlist!) I will only be accepting paypal and not credits I'm trying to save up for a trip in April! Hope you all understand after I save up to my goal I will go back to credits and paypal!
  13. ♡ 붐바야 [0] ♡

    Such pretty beautiful art!! One day I will get one from you!
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