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  1. HoneyBear

    Feelings Thread (v2)

    So today my furnace decided to quit on me I called someone to come and look at it they couldn't get anything started or get it going... I've been having panic attacks, anxiety attacks. It's just bad right now. I have to block all doors and windows and make my brother stay in the living room. The oven and a heater is our only source of heat. It has to do untill tomorrow when the person has the right part. It's -21 but feels like -29! I have all tabs in the trailer running so the lines don't freeze. I have to go back and forth with the heater just to make sure that the bathroom's toilet don't freeze and bust! Even writing this down I'm having a panic attack! I don't like winter but that's what I get from living in Canada. Eh.
  2. HoneyBear

    First Impressions

    Has a beautiful dp!
  3. HoneyBear

    Work In Progress

    Look at this cute mouse! Was supposed to be a bear xD But it turned into a cute mouse! Might make a badge of this!
  4. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    Here's another WIP! Sorry for the delay. I got the stomach flu and I've been sick for days now
  5. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    I'm going to be changing it just needed to see the lines xD
  6. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    @Saiph here is another WIP Sorry if the hair isn't pretty ;--;
  7. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    I was going to change them a bit make them smaller :O
  8. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    Here is a WIP for you! I'm still trying to draw the hair xD It's easier to do girl eyes then male eyes xD
  9. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    I will look at the forms once I'm finished Saiphs order!
  10. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    @Saiph I'm starting on yours in a few mins!
  11. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    I love Shade! ;A; I'm going try that one! Thank you I didn't even think about putting a watermark!
  12. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    I'm going to try one of your males! :O
  13. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    It was easy to read Pinterest sometimes has outfits that are nice! That where I get my refs for my OCS xD
  14. HoneyBear

    Pose for meh!

    Another pretty one ;A;! Yes! Can't promise the cat but I can try the Nintendo DS :3

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