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Tastes Like Cotton Candy by King-Lulu-DeerMagic In The Air by King-Lulu-Deer Tastes Like Cotton Candy by King-Lulu-Deer



♥ July/Jules | 19 | Cancer ♥



All pixels on 'About me' are pixeled by King-Lulu-Deer@DA


♥ About me: ♥
I really enjoy making my people laugh and eating Domino's pizza with garlic

sauce. I love my adorable boyfriend and my cute as heckle friends so much.


♥ Some of my favorite things are: EDEN, Disney, Ghibli, pink, stuffies, bears,

repainting, astronomy, Twilight Saga (COME AT ME FAM), FFXIV, Human 

Fall Flat, Emily Artful@YT, my best friends, chocolate milk, miniature pigs

♥ Some of the things I dislike are: country music, most bugs, snakes, liars, 

art theft (who doesn't), when Domino's forgets my garlic sauce, creepies,

dramatic fellows, Voldemort's face, snakes, snakes. snakes, and snakes.


♥ About my shop: ♥

I do not have a personal customs/premade shop on GASR; but I have one

on Discord. I will take customs through DM but purchasing through my

server gets you reward points from purchasing customs/premades. I will

post premades in statuses but discord will usually get first dibs on them.

So if you want to join to hang out or get the first dib/reward benefits then

contact me, @Adorelee, @Wrath, or @Senpai for the invite link.

Adorelee & I have two collaboration shops together!
Chibi Babies | Premades- Sister Shop



Made by @spod
Lee is my best lil bud

thank u for supporting me always.


♥ Contact me: ♥
discord- gravity#5694
imvu- Naptime

deviantart- shimvu

Rotary Phone by King-Lulu-Deer

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