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art of my OC by @Adorelee


 Naptime@IMVU | 19 | EDEN obsessed | pink

Hullo! I am on here to obsess over other's art and sell my
premade repaints! I am open for commission but I do
not have a custom shop on GASR. I do have a premade
shop though! I do my commissions through my personal

group on IMVU. I take credits or paypal as payment for my

custom display photos.  If you are interested in a custom 

repaint then message me! I'll most likely direct you to my 

group anyway so if you just wanna skip a step you can

just go join that. Have a good day, cuties!





 EDEN, Domino's Pizza, my doggo (Bean), astronomy, pastels, my waifus ( @Fluffal & @Tickle ), repainting, animals, music (EDM/Trance/MelodicDub/Indie/etc...), my boyfriend-o, cutesy stuff
 DISLIKES:  Art theft, liars, when Domino's forgets my garlic sauce, drawing hands, users, begging, scammers, forgetting to save and losing all my progress :^)


Customs: Pajama Party
Collaboration: Sister Shop

Commission Status: Slots -> OPEN

How to contact me:

gravity#5694 | Naptime@IMVU | DM

I work on commissions/premades daily but I usually take saturdays off entirely.



Lil Chibi Nebby (my OC) by @Adorelee




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