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  1. @LostKimin yess looks great
  2. @LostKimin could the lip colour be darker please? :3 other than that! Looks great ^_^
  3. @LostKimin yess the hair looks good! 🙂
  4. @LostKimin Could you cover the side of my forehead more with my hair please ^^ Other than that, it looks great! ^_^
  5. @LostKimin hii! i sent you a PM cuz i'm unsure if i did it correct, please let me know if you got my payment or not!
  6. @LostKimin Yeah it looks great!! Go ahead and send it ^_^
  7. @LostKimin Yay! Can't wait. =D
  8. STYLE : Painted DP, bust up please! TEXT: Akiizoo ANIMATION : No animation BORDER : Around the character, just like your profile picture currently! 🙂 CHARACTER : this or this , I don't want it to look just straight forward, slightly from the side, n_n what to wear REFERENCE(S) : me irl or me irl 2 PAYMENT : yess, my paypal is, [email protected] As for background, a dark red would great! Tyy!! ❤️
  9. oooo! omg i can't wait until you have slots available again! Really like your style ^_^ Keep it up! 😄
  10. TEXT: Happy Birthday ❤️ TYPE OF ORDER: Bust w/ DP crop. Couple! REFERENCES: tank top , his tshirt , irl pic of me , pose NUMBER OF CHARACTERS:2 BACKGROUND (Y/N): it could be solid colour, or gradient, pastel colours as well. PRICE: $27 Hello! Just wanted to include, that I have a picture of my bf and I, that i could send you through PM as well, if you end up getting interested. I just want a slight difference in the pose as well if you accept me. A slight smile as he looks at me as i pat his head. Thank you! 🙂 I hope you consider me !! ❤️
  11. @Fujoshi No worries!! Yeah! I really liked your semi-realism art, i also liked your anime one owo. Nonono, it's alright, don't worry about it. Yeah for sure, i'll order again from you. 🙂
  12. Single/Couple: Couple Bust-up/Waist-Up: Bust Art Style: Semi real OC/References: example me Pose and Expression: in reference. Just a little difference in expression though. I want him to look up at me from the side, with a small smile while i give him a head patt x) I want my expression to be similar as the girls, with my eyes closed. Theme: cute! 🙂 Text (Up to 2 for non-animated, 1 for animated): Happy Birthday Animation: N/A Additional Notes: In the example, I included a picture of myself. I have a picture of my boyfriend and I, but if you end up accepting or being interested, I'll send you the picture of us in your PM? 🙂 Price: $24 ? Ty! I hope you consider ❤️

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