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  1. Draw the person above you!

    @Max hope you like it ;) it's pretty sketchy sorrey Claim !
  2. Draw the person above you!

    @ERROR404 claim, your character is awesome Btw just a fast question, are the lightest part of the skin part of the design or light effect ? @ERROR404 Once again, jesus fffffffdfgdfg christ this is big sorry but I hope you like it
  3. ~ IronyBLUEGOAT SHOP [OPEN] ~

    @Tacos Sorry for the wait ! I had some issues with my tablet lmao hope you like it ♥ ♥
  4. ~ IronyBLUEGOAT SHOP [OPEN] ~

    @Tacos thank you so much it makes me so happy that people here like my style ! It'll be done today , you can send the payment
  5. IRONY Premades [OPEN]

    @Noxey The animated premade is still on hold for you ;)
  6. IRONY Premades [OPEN]

    @Suni I'm glad you like her thank you so much♥ And thank you for purchasing her ! : D ♥
  7. IRONY Premades [OPEN]

    @Suni ewps sorry! Fixed it ! ;
  8. IRONY Premades [OPEN]

    @Suni There you go ! ; D I hope It's the one you wanted ( I just notice how bad my presentation looks on the phone, I gotta take care of this haha-) If not just tell me !
  9. IRONY Premades [OPEN]

    @Suni sure sweetheart, no probs I'm on it ;), you can send the payment
  10. ~ IronyBLUEGOAT SHOP [OPEN] ~

    @Saeyoung Thank you so much!!! Whenever you want to ! ;)
  11. IRONY Premades [OPEN]

    New premade available !
  12. IRONY Premades [OPEN]

    !! Hey guys, I can finally sell my premades !! I only accept PAYPAL , First arrived, FIrst served !! dan.mechrouk@outlook.fr Available: Right now, all of them are 20$/u 1/ Baby blue 2/ Red Ribbon SOLD 3/ Kitty Cat 4/Golden Eyes 5/Space travel SOLD 6/Pink godess Reserved: More coming soon !! ♥ SOLD: Form: N° + name of the premade: Price: Your name:
  13. ~ IronyBLUEGOAT SHOP [OPEN] ~

    @Oikawa yay I'm great !!! Finally woohoo
  14. IRL Photos

    I had to share this picture of my cinnamon roll
  15. ~ IronyBLUEGOAT SHOP [OPEN] ~

    @Moan Thank you so much I got it !! : D I'm glad you like it ♥ ♥

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