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  1. F O R M STYLE TWO Screenshots: Image Text: "Rose" Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Sparkling and Winking Eyes Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): Nothing extra, would just like to inform it's a Mother's Day gift, and would like it girly as possible. Final price: $9 PayPal email: esimonsmeier88@gmail.com Note: I will be able to pay on Friday. If you have orders after mine, feel to do their's first. Thank you Kelli, as always.
  2. Oh I know, I was teasing and joking around. 💕
  3. I noticed there's an open slot, but was not updated to per Layla's request. I call dibs! LOL!
  4. @Astronomy, I'M IN LOVE. Thank you! Paid as well. :D
  5. @Astronomy, sounds good, didn't realize they were crooked before lol. Thank you. 💕
  6. F O R M STYLE ONE Screenshots: Version One (Zoom if Needed) or Version Two (I like Version One best, but if Two works better for you, totally okay. ) Text: "Rio & Erin" please Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Both Sparkling Eyes and Blinking please. Final price: $18 I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong. PayPal email: esimonsmeier88@gmail.com Thank you Kelli 💕And welcome back!
  7. And paid! Thank you so much, amazing work once again!! :)
  8. That is perfectly okay, thank you @Ambiance.
  9. Woops @Astronomy! Sorry, I just noticed @veira's order. Is it okay to keep the order up, but continue to wait? If not, I can just save it for when a slot is open.
  10. F O R M STYLE ONE Screenshots: Image One, Image Two, and Image Three (This is a gift for a friend, no certain image is a favorite more than the other, so you may pick) Text: N/A (Please keep blank) Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Blinking for both please. Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): No thank you. Final price: $15 (Correct me if I'm wrong please.) PayPal email: esimonsmeier88@gmail.com
  11. F O R M STYLE ONE Screenshots: Image One, Image Two Text: "Paddy" please Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Sparkling Eyes and Winking please Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): N/A Final price: I believe $8.10 PayPal email: esimonsmeier88@gmail.com Thank you Kelli ♥♥

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