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  1. Eggoholic

    ☆ G A L A X I E S ☆ V.4 ☆ | [2/2]

    And I totally am in love with the art work, thank you!! 💕💕
  2. Eggoholic

    ☆ G A L A X I E S ☆ V.4 ☆ | [2/2]

    Awww, that is okay. I understand. Invoice is paid. 💕
  3. Eggoholic

    ☆ G A L A X I E S ☆ V.4 ☆ | [2/2]

    @Astronomy, correct. Thank you!!
  4. Eggoholic

    ☆ G A L A X I E S ☆ V.4 ☆ | [2/2]

    F O R M STYLE ONE Screenshots: Screenie, Finger Positions, Extra if Needed Text: I would like the placard recreated on the "Screenie" avatar if possible. If I could have both hands be holding the placard, that would appreciated. Also, if it could read the following: "London Prison" on the first line, for the second line "Paddington", and on the third line "#5318008". Effects (Blinking/Winking/Glowing/Sparkling eyes/None): Blinking Eyes please. Could I have one image just plain, and another image with the Glitch animation please? Extra (Speedpaint/Accessories/etc): YouTube Speedpaint please. Final price: I believe $14.10 is correct, but please correct me if I'm wrong. PayPal email: esimonsmeier88@gmail.com Thank you Kelli ♥
  5. Eggoholic

    ☆ G A L A X I E S ☆ V.4 ☆ | [2/2]

    @Astronomy, paid the invoice hun. :)
  6. Eggoholic

    ☆ G A L A X I E S ☆ V.4 ☆ | [2/2]

    @Astronomy, I just checked the invoice and it is $6.50. I also ordered the YouTube Speedpaint, which I thought I saw was $4.So it should be $10.50 right?
  7. Eggoholic

    ☆ G A L A X I E S ☆ V.4 ☆ | [2/2]

    @Astronomy, then just the blinking eyes and Speedpaint please. :)
  8. Eggoholic

    ☆ G A L A X I E S ☆ V.4 ☆ | [2/2]

    @Astronomy, aww.. I had a feeling, but it was worth a shot lol. Corrected Effects: I would love the blinking eyes effect please. Also, with my right arm being extended like that, could it possibly be wrapped on my stomach a bit?
  9. Eggoholic

    ☆ G A L A X I E S ☆ V.4 ☆ | [2/2]

    Hello again Kelli, hope everything is going great for you. ♥ Below is my order if it's still okay to order, and of course if you’re not too busy. ♥ Style (1 or 2): Style 2 - Edit Screenie: My Avatar Text: Erin (If my name could be on the bottom right of the picture please, that would be amazing) Effects: For this edit, I would love that if the left arm (my right arm in the picture) could be more towards my body, but also if it would be the action of blowing a kiss. And if I could have the hand be moving with this so that I could a heart or two blowing out of my mouth when it moves. (If this isn’t possible, please let me know) If this option is available, here is another Screenie to help you. (This is just for the arm being raised) A light pink or some sort of pink for the background, that would be amazing as well. Extra: YouTube Speedpaint please Pricing: Because I’m not sure about how much you will charge for the blowing kiss and hand moving, I’m not sure of the final cost, but I’m sure I’ll be okay with it. :) Email: esimonsmeier88@gmail.com Thank you so much Kelli, have a wonderful day or night. ♥ Erin ♥

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