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  1. IRL Photos

    lets appreciate this cutiepie
  2. Feelings Thread

    It is only a few weeks into this semester and I already want to not do a damn single homework assignment.
  3. post some quotes

    "The ground is shaken, your grave awaken"
  4. GASR Premade Market

    What Are You Selling? Badges Previews: Prices: Valentines Candy Hearts Premade | $3 USD (Bye and Die SOLD) Batwings Heart Premade | $6 USD (Red SOLD) Vintage Scissors | $24 USD Amethyst Dream | $24USD Preferred Method of Payment: Paypal Has It Been 24 Hours Since Your Last Post: Yes.
  5. Premades / Paypal Only





  6. We raised $950 in our first charity auction!

    Congrats to everyone.
  7. $6 USD / Paypal Only


  8. $3 USD / Paypal Only


  9. (0) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    Sweet, thank you. Proof
  10. (0) † 666 AVENUE † | RULES UPDATED

    Premade: Devil Changes: (If applicable) n/a Watermark: Monstrum (If possible, Baphomet too for GASR?) Text: Monstrum (If possible, Baphomet too for GASR?) Price:[/size] 8$
  11. $2 DP's [ Unlimited Slots ] -- Closed.

    Screenshots: x Text: Baphomet / MonstrumColors: Red / Black Theme: Occult / Satanic / GoreBy ordering you accept that you are paying with paypal: YExtra: Frankenstein's Bolts on the neck, pls? Tip: Of course.
  12. GASR Premade Market

    What are you Selling - Badge Art. Preview - Price - 3.50 USD. Preferred Method of Payment - Paypal. Has this Image been Sold - Available / None Sold. Has it been 24 hours since you last posted your picture - Yes.
  13. GASR Premade Market

    Happy Hallow Eve! Premade $12 via Paypal. Minor changes allowed. Has this Image been Sold / Nope Has it been 24 hours since you last posted your picture / Yes

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