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  1. thank you so much! sending payment now ! You're the best!
  2. I love it ! maybe move the Jyn down by his left leg. And can I get the dp too >.< I added it to the extras if it costs more let me know! will send payment when ready!
  3. @Awshie and if possible I just noticed instead of the jewelry from the lip if possible can you do a fang hanging out from the lip on the right side if your looking at him if not I totally understand still love it sorry for being picky http://tinypic.com/r/qyh6hj/9 like this but allot prominent
  4. @Awshie looks amazing I LOVE IT thank you sorry for the late reply had no internet all morning x.x If its not to late maybe just shorter fur from the inner ears sorry >.<
  5. @Awshie Im so sorry for bugging you again would it be ok to upgrade to the full body with out animation for 30$ if not I completely understand I just made more this check then I thought I would so I figured I would ask if it wasn't to late! will send the 5 dollars asap if you're able to do it thank you so much~ ✦ . BIG art ● Pose & References / Oc : https://postimg.org/gallery/2nxo1khru/ everything the same as before ● Background / fav colors : your choice~ ● Animation (?) / extras : dp's to please <3 ● Text & total payment : Jyn 30? or 35 to add the fox plushie? not sure ● Bust / tights : FULL BODY
  6. Hey I'm so sorry new to all this ;-; hopefully this link works better~ Let me know if you need anything else ;o https://postimg.org/gallery/2nxo1khru/
  7. ✦ . Medium ● Pose & References / Oc : https://sta.sh ● Background / fav colors : dealers choice :3 like pastel blues, grays, whites, rainbow, space!, glitter but what ever looks good I'm happy with! ● Animation (?) / extras : blinking~ ● Text & total payment : Jyn 20$? ● Details: white fluffy tail and fox ears (really going for a cute fox boy!) would love for little fang to show out of mouth, and the strap across the face If possible. and if he can be holding a fox plushie, glitter, ~ thank you so much ~

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