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  1. 🏖️Collab or solo: One Collab 🏖️Choose partner yourself or pair with someone?: @Crima 🏖️Examples of your art: here
  2. Cain


    Lovely work Martin! It really does push forward the impact the past year's events have had over the globe in a stunning way.
  3. @Destroy I'm all finished!! Let me know if this is okay and I can send you the other versions too.
  4. @Destroy Another wip for you! + I pm'd you w/ a question regarding her hair colour. :
  5. Cain

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    aven imma need u to stop
  6. nope im gonna make it the most asymmetrical shit u ever seen
  7. Cain

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    @Princess Sold to you! And yes a blinking animation is included, that's no prob at all. If you can pm your paypal email to me, I can send you the invoice. (So glad you went with grey, the lighting will be fun af).
  8. Cain

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    I don't have a batch up this time, but I was pretty inspired today! I have a single premade up.
  9. Brilliant! Sure I can move the clips to the right side and I'll have another wip for you soon.
  10. @Destroy How's this so far? That's where the mask would be when animated! @Cindy A wip for you as well! Let me know if I got everything right so far.
  11. Cain

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    @Kitten I finished the wip you claimed! I hope it came out like you hoped! I made the longer like you had wanted. If this is alright I can send you the other versions via pm.
  12. Added! I look forward to working on it as well.
  13. @Pantsus That's a really cool theme! I really like Victorian architecture and style. With all the details in her clothing, accessories and background all together it would £70! Let me know if that's okay and I can add you to the slots.
  14. Please refer to the last announcement regarding this topic here:
  15. @Appendage Here's a wip mate, hope it's all good so far! I haven't added the stuff on his body/defined too much muscle tone yet. I'll be doing that in the colouring phase. If you're good with all this, I'll finish it up.
  16. @Taylor Thank you Taylor!!! @Reaper No clue who that coulda been?? JK Thanks 4 your help w/ the bg. + THANKS I TRY
  17. So glad to hear you like her!! I’m going to be at work until the evening, but I will send you the animated and other multiple versions once I return.
  18. @Kitten I'm all done. I hope this is alright. I purposefully did not add the roses on her crown since you gave me some artistic freedom and they threw off the proportion in my personal opinion! If this is okay I can send you the other versions and add the animations.
  19. Me on the new dashboard for 10 whole minutes:

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