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  1. We hope that 2018 went well for you. If not, well then here's 2019! Just like last year, we're here to kick start you with your resolutions. Here's the catch though, we're going to challenge you to be creative! This event requires you to either draw your resolutions or make them into a poem! It can be anything you want to accomplish this year, so let your imagination run wild. Example: You want to start up a vegetable garden. You could draw your dream garden or write a poem about it! Express yourself to the fullest! R U L E S 🥂Everyone can participate! 🥂This is open submission, so post your entries in this topic for everyone to enjoy 🥂No size requirement, however do not make the drawing extremely small 🥂Keep all entries in one post 🥂You may change your entries anytime before the deadline. 🥂Credit any resources you use and/or reference 🥂Your content must be original, this applies to your art as well as your poetry. 🥂Do not take an image/poem off of a search engine and submit it as your entry.  D A T E S Jan 3 - Jan 20 P R I Z E S There will be three entries picked at random for the follow prizes: 🥂1 month of elite 🥂$10 or shop pin 🥂1 weeks ad space on sub-forum All participates will receive a surprise badge! P A R T I C I P A N T S 🥂 Elliern 🥂 Hholke 🥂 Sier 🥂 Lovebite 🥂 Cheese 🥂 Latex 🥂 Adorelee 🥂 Weebus 🥂 Dykz 🥂 Hiroki 🥂 Diuzhang 🥂 Tuchicafavoritasoyyo 🥂 Carve 🥂 Lust 🥂 Deadbot 🥂 Viewed 🥂 Pxldana 🥂 Mishtiques 🥂 Tiffie 🥂 Florentina 🥂 Demeter 🥂 Sin 🥂 Kayla 🥂 Incisive 🥂 Planetariums 🥂 Mya 🥂 Precures 🥂 Pehyne 🥂 Darksiders 🥂 Hima 🥂 Angie 🥂 Demonia 🥂 GothicRocker 🥂 Hurt 🥂 Alex 🥂 Sewer
  2. Cain

    League of Legends

    Because this needs to be here. Talk about anything league related. Perhaps share your summoner, server, your mains, champs you hate. Bad games/good games etc
  3. Cain

    49 CALIFORNIA [2/2] [0/1 wait list]

    @Vape Accepted! Raven is 10/10 and it'll come to 60usd in total. If you could just pm me your paypal email I can send you the invoice!
  4. Hey guys, Welcome to my West Coast, California aesthetic. Thanks for visiting! All general GASR rules apply. Please don't bs me. trying to back out on payments attempting to resell my artwork back charging me anything I consider bs = I won’t sell to you anymore I won't do textless. If you’d like a change on your text eg. you got a name change, I will provide you with a new text at request. I don't make large changes after the sketch phase. Payment should be sent right after I send the invoice, prior to starting your commission. I will give a 1 day extension if you give me a valid reason. DP: 50 - 80usd *Prices are complexity dependant* *Blinking animation is included in price* *Any changes/additions made/requested at the delivery of your art that were NOT included in your initial form will be an additional $10 - $20 depending* Large Art: 25$+ to DP price. Couple: Double the price of a dp. *Group commissions work the same way, each character added is considered the same price as a single*
  5. Cain

    Miss Me in the New Year

    I've noticed that a few of you are just stating your resolutions. I just wanted to remind you guys that you must either portray your resolution via a drawing or a poem! If its not in one of those formats your submission will not be counted! from: main event post
  6. Cain

    Miss Me in the New Year

    @Darksiders YOU CAN DO IT MAC. Honestly that was so fucking inspirational. I felt it man. I'm working on my portfolio too and trying to buff the shit out it with impressive projects. I got offered a paid internship EA for next semester before I'm finished with my schooling and I'm trying so hard to not mess it up since it's only tentative. It's so hella stressful and like walking on eggshells. BUT WE GONNA GET THERE.
  7. Okay so I've gone through and added the people from the giveaway to my followers count. I made sure to remove some inactive accounts from the list so that we were not waiting on people. 


    Congrats to you three!!

    @Aegle @Ryuji @Hollowram



    Please pm me within 24h otherwise. If I do not receive a pm, I'll just move on to the next people on the list, since it would be unfair to others. I have the full list saved, just in case!! You can choose to give the artwork to a different person if you so choose to. You will be able to decide which of the 3 artworks you want between the 3 of you. :byaslove:


    In case you were not able to read my original post:




  8. Bonjour my dudes,


    Get ready for a wall of text. 


    I'm giving away 3 artworks that did not sell during Christmas time. I could revamp them, it would save me quite a bit of time and effort. It's what I initially intended on doing. Upon thinking about it though, I figured maybe it would be better to just go with the spirit of the holiday. I know that quite a lot of people weren't able to get holiday art this year. It's already the next year but you can always save it and use it in the coming Christmas.


    There are 2 females and 1 male. I will randomly be giving them out to people in these two ways: my followers list if you're saving up your reactions, or if you'd rather not follow me, you can just put the giveaway react on this post (this doesn't mean you'll get your name put in twice if you both, nice try). Out of the three names drawn, you can decide among yourselves whichever artwork you prefer. 

    Last year has had a lot of ups and downs, for me as well as a lot of other people. In the the end though, I think rather than sulking and moping about what could not be and what could have been, it's better to be grateful for what is. That's what I'd rather do anyway. 

    I hope this year brings some positivity your way. 


    + Just because everyone needs this song to start off a new journey :erlmo:


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    2. Cain



      Same to you! I hope 2019 is gr8 to u :cutehehehaaas:



    3. Cheese


      NGL - reading that chunk of text and then ending it with the song has me ready to tackle 2019. literally. literally tackle it. LOL 

      Image result for tackle gif

    4. Cain


      @Cheese YES, show it who's lil bih it is :kkekecreep:

  9. Cain

    Lurk [0]

    @Lunna She's all your's. If you can pm me your paypal email I can send you the invoice!
  10. Cain

    Lurk [0]

    LURK RULES All general GASR rules apply. Please don't bs me. trying to back out on payments attempting to resell my artwork anything I consider bs = I won’t sell to you anymore I won't do textless. If you’d like a change on your text eg. you got a name change; I will provide you with a new text at request. I don't make large changes. There are no refunds. I will do holds for up to 48h, then the premade will become available once more. Payment should be sent within 24 hours of your claim. I will give a 1 day extension if you give me a valid reason. Please note that this is very important, otherwise that premade will be put up for sale once the time is up. PREMADES [Sold to Lunna] Name: Vana Price: 60usd *some changes are possible* FORM Premade name: Text: Price: Animation if not already declared: Colours desired (only for claimable wips): OTHER SHOPS 49 CALIFORNIA
  11. Brought back from the dead
  12. Cain

    Lurk [0]

    I'm so glad to hear you think so!! I'm pming you the versions with your text now
  13. Cain

    Lurk [0]

    @Emberly I'm finished! If this is alright lmk, I'll send you all versions with your text.
  14. Cain

    Lurk [0]

    Claimable WIP Name: Vana Price: 60usd *some changes are possible*
  15. Cain

    49 CALIFORNIA [2/2] [0/1 wait list]

    Yes! they'll be visible
  16. Cain

    49 CALIFORNIA [2/2] [0/1 wait list]

    @Viatrix here's the rough sketch! let me know if everythings okay and I'll continue
  17. Cain

    Miss Me in the New Year

    @hholke I can literally see the "drinking this looks like too much work" in your drawing @Sier That poem is just radiating peace, thanks for posting that. It was a really good read. @lovebite That's very empowering! WDYM you suck at poems, it's better than anything I could do if I spent a whole day.
  18. Cain

    Miss Me in the New Year

    @Elliern I can relate to that poem so hard. GL to you and I hope your year is as productive as you hope!
  19. Cain

    Miss Me in the New Year

    Cheers GASRians, 2018 has come and gone, it's the new year! We're here to help you get a head start. Join us, get those resolutions going. Jan 3 - Jan 20th
  20. Cain

    Events Survey

    Hey GASRians! Welcome to 2019! We've had a pretty great year filled with events of all sorts in 2018. Our drive behind each and every event has been to make certain that you, our members, enjoyed them. We strive to be innovative and keep bringing better events to the table. So to start of the new year, we want to hear from you. Tell us what you thought of our events, what you liked, what you disliked. Most of all tell us where we could improve! What do you want to see more of? We have created a survey so that you could voice yourself freely, so please, utilize it! We want the coming year to be even better than the last. Survey Here
  21. My pen came in the mail 1 day early!!! I can finally draw again :erlmo:

  22. Cain

    49 CALIFORNIA [2/2] [0/1 wait list]

    No prob at all, take yo time, enjoy your New Years!
  23. Cain

    49 CALIFORNIA [2/2] [0/1 wait list]

    Sure no prob at all! I'll send it now
  24. Cain

    49 CALIFORNIA [2/2] [0/1 wait list]

    Okay! Just making sure so I add that to the price. So it would be 55usd base + 25usd for the large art, totaling to 80usd. If that's okay, I can send you invoice right away.

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