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  1. Cain

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    aw thank you! stalk away
  2. Cain

    Lurk [1]

    Just letting you guys know that I will most likely have another batch coming up soon possibly in 2 weeks, once I get through the current ones! If you guys have any theme(s) that you are interested in let me know.
  3. Cain

    Lurk [1]

    LMAO I could not help but make it, this past season has been so good. + it’s all your’s please pm me with your PayPal email and the colours + any accessories you would like! Animation is def available.
  4. Cain

    Lurk [1]

    She's your's Ashley! Please pm me with your paypal email + the information. I can discuss a possible animation with you as well!
  5. Cain

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    They you!!! I'm glad you like them Ty! Sold to you my dude, please pm me with your paypal email as well as all the information
  6. The batch that was supposed to be here in mid-late Feb is finally here + up in my premade shop! I tried out a few different things with this one because the theme really spoke to me. :lllaugh:

  7. Cain

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    The batch that was supposed to be here in mid-late Feb is finally here! I tried out a few different things with this one because the theme really spoke to me.
  8. So glad to hear that you do!!! I went a lil overboard with the animations LMAO but yknow what can a guy do when he gets to draw Raven.
  9. @Vape I'm all done! Lmk if this is okay and I can pm you the static versions.
  10. We don't usually tell what events were are planning until they are close! We like to keep you guys on your toes and surprise you. I'm really glad to hear your enjoyed last year's though and I agree! I'm not sure that's something we will be doing at the moment, since it's very niche. When we host events, we try try to build them around something that the vast majority of people would be interested in! You can however, host your own event! That option is always there for you.
  11. Brilliant! I've sent the invoice your way.
  12. Excellent! As for the price, does £80 sound good? With the snake + animation included in price.
  13. @Cymette Accepted! + LMAO atleast you got the top part, and the info! That's the important shit. (I fixed it 4 u after staring at it a while bc I'm that extra). I added the rules thing just to make sure people read em, if they said yes and then missed my rules I get to call em out on it. Yes you can keep tha snake! I'll wrap it around her shoulders and we can have the bust being to around here, so that it looks nice: I like the first/primary pose, it think snek would get more attention that way, otherwise the hand would kinda get in his way. (Just from the visual I have in my mind) As for the animation, I could add rain! Since her hair is wet it would look pretty cool. Or I could animate the snake moving.

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