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  1. YA BOMB AF KAYLA @kyles bless u 4 setting this up
  2. New GASR Moderators!!!

    CONGRATS KIDZ we get to abuse u even more now welcome 2 da team
  3. Like Chelly said, there's really no reason to take that tone here, its a discussion and we want everyone's feedback. It's okay to disagree honestly, however please do be civil about it. As an artist, if I want my art to be noticed and sold, it would be easier for me to create a shop in that specific category. If you're someone who only offers traditional art do you really want to have your shop mixed in with people offering digital art + pixels + graphics etc? No, you want your customers to be able to click that button for traditional art and find your art right away. Is it really that hard to click two buttons? It makes it sound like we're making you navigate through a maze. I would think that it makes it simpler to read and click towards what you're hoping to browse through.
  4. Yeah vague tags aren't too useful. It would be smart to have them work together.


    1. FoxGod


      THANK YOU SO MUCH <33333333333

  6. I like the separation as well. There are quite a few traditional artists on this forum which will benefit from the separation. This will be a good way to get them more exposure and branch out GASR from appearing to be only digitally inclined. This is something that new artists have stated and worried about when joining GASR, "I thought was just a digital art forum." Tags are useful to have and they are a good way to browse for artists offering specific things such as styles. They're not a replacement for organization though. When you're looking to commission a specific thing or buy a certain thing you want to be able to browse the appropriate section for it. Eg. I'm looking for graphics for my shop. I want to be able to go through that specific section of the forum looking at only those things. I do not want to have to go through drawings/paintings etc in the process. I understand that we have the ability to search for tags, but there's a limit and purpose to everything.
  7. looks like u gained 1 important follower too :ey:

  8. U just gained 1 important follower (me) :idancefroggu:

  9. Hello everyone and Happy Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I'll be offering a new style that's available in multiple sizes.

    However I'm in need of a few examples!


    So I'll be offering a discount on one of the each of the following:

    Soft Colour:

    Bust: 50usd 30usd (40% discount) 

    Waist: 70usd 49usd (30% discount)

    Full: 120usd 90usd (25% discount)


    Available here: 



    Full art:




  10. I made a twitter and I don't even know what to do with it. :imath:

    1. Cas


      "You tweet" - Moose 2k17

  11. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

    Good luck this time around as well everyone. Try your very best on your applications!
  12. GASR Survey Results!

    Since these two kind of tie in together, I'll group them. We constantly check each section of the forum and are aware of where art theft occurs more often. This is why the post restriction was placed on the premade section. We're not static, we're always aware of what's happening on GASR and take the necessary actions to protect our members. I'm not entirely certain what is meant by "cruel" in this case, however we have a system in place to punish thieves. You have to remember that every case of theft is different, our warning system is built with that in mind. We give people a chance, because we're aware that people change and learn. However if they don't, in order to protect our users, they're banned from our forum. You can read more about how our warning system works here: https://gasrforum.net/rules#warnings Like Chelly stated earlier, we discuss and deal with every situation as a team. It really isn't handled by one or two people alone, we make certain that we come to a conclusion together after considering every angle. Well.. I mean thanks? This tool can be useful sometimes, however in most cases, you may be surprised to discover that pictured are edited or traced beyond the ability to simply reverse image search them. Part of being on the team is being active, this is one of things that're required. Like Chelly said earlier, there are so many topics and so many members. However if you find something and you think we have missed it, you can always use the report function/file a support ticket/contact a staff member? You have all of these options available to you, why wouldn't you use them?
  13. Semi-Available

    SEMI-AVAILABLE Status: Finals approaching Listening to: New Desert Blues - Swarm My finals will be starting in 2 weeks, so I'll be a bit busy. You can contact me for anything you need help with or any questions you have. I'll respond in a timely manner most of the time. However there may be times I won't be prompt with responses. “Everything that is hard to attain is easily assailed by the generality of men.” – Ptolemy
  14. Moderator Applications are OPEN!

    We will be looking at your activity on the old and new forum You can read up more on that here.

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