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  1. this one's for u


    1. Capsule


      aww thank you :lazeblush: adorable puking machine

  2. for those who don't know, there's an auction up right now to bid for a custom piece, here's the link if you'd like to check it out or bid!:


    1. Ash


      Good luck <3

    2. Capsule


      thank you @Ash :llnyaa::byaslove:

  3. Continuing where i left, feel free to join.  https://www.twitch.tv/cap_serum

  4. There's going to be a lot of drawing, wont be using mic this time though.  https://www.twitch.tv/cap_serum

  5. streaming assassins creed origins again (beware of spoilers) , feel free to join in if you wanna chill.  https://www.twitch.tv/cap_serum

  6. streaming assassins creed origins (beware of spoilers) , feel free to join in if you wanna chill :llnyaa:https://www.twitch.tv/cap_serum

  7. streaming art this time, feel free to join in. Related to a certain christmas charity, not sure if i can say more than that so here's the livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/cap_serum

  8. Going live to play some assassins creed, been a while, feel free to chill with me. Beware of spoilers though!



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    2. Moan


      Oh, i've watched him a few times. :thumbsup:

    3. Capsule


      He got some good stuff

    4. Moan


      Indeed he does! :applause:

  10. Auction is back up starting from the beginning because of some circumstances, but please read the general auction rules:


  11. Going live again playing assassins creed origins. beware of spoilers! feel free to chill with me https://www.twitch.tv/cap_serum

  12. live on twitch now to continue with assassins creed origins + trying out mic, feel free to join if you want to check the game out or just chill! beware of spoilers if you want to buy the game though! https://www.twitch.tv/cap_serum

    Still a bit new with twitch so excuse the empty looking channel.

  13. On a drawing spree + work spree for the rest of the week, apologies if you receive a late response when pming me!

    1. weeb


      Good luck and take care! ♥

  14. Just wanted to let you guys know that i do have ideas and plans to make a different shop in the NSFW section. I'm also still thinking about how to handle creating new tutorials, i'm thinking of perhaps making patreon for more complicated and in-depth tutorials + speed paints. Just to show people how i do the things i do since it's been requested for a few years now.

    Creating tutorials ( especially vids with explanation ) takes time. And since most of it will be for free, it's on low priority since my main priority right now is helping my family and myself out with payments.

    Right now i'm just gonna think it through properly first.

  15. forgot i don't have infinite likes to give away, ran out of likes to give. :gross:

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    2. Capsule


      i just liked your post, idk if it worked but thanks sweetness :hee:

    3. Hin


      LOL I don't think it did but it's the thought that counts :aww: 

    4. Capsule


      aw, i really did run out of my amount of likes to give then, rip. wish it was infinite.

      I'll press the like button on your message anyway lel :gettingaway:


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