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  1. ○ Type of Commission: DP Crop ▏cute and crazy theme ▏text: Fraud ○ References: all the things ○ Preferred payment offer: $22? Separate commission: ○ Type of Commission: DP Crop ▏basic douche (-: ▏text: Miggz ○ References: here ○ Extra: winking gif pls ○ Preferred payment offer: $20? Hi, I hope it's okay to put two in one. - thank you : -)
  2. @Elextra that's perfect! so cute :) thanks! payment sent
  3. That's awesome! no changes, thanks :)
  4. [FORM] Style: 1 References: sta.sh Extras: please feel free to add any cute details/be creative! :) Text: Fraud

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