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  1. Fraud

    i draw, u buy {open} inktober customs!!

    hi, me again (8 form waist up references: this guy background?: colour like this animation?: winking pls text: Mahoun other: yes, me again : )
  2. Fraud

    i draw, u buy {open} inktober customs!!

    form references: ♥ background?: i like greenish blues or black or grey : ) text: Fraud other: umm that's all and i love your art
  3. Fraud

    ✝ S p e c i e s ▌U n k n o w n ✝ ◯ (FULL)

    ○ Type of Commission: DP Crop ▏cute and crazy theme ▏text: Fraud ○ References: all the things ○ Preferred payment offer: $22? Separate commission: ○ Type of Commission: DP Crop ▏basic douche (-: ▏text: Miggz ○ References: here ○ Extra: winking gif pls ○ Preferred payment offer: $20? Hi, I hope it's okay to put two in one. - thank you : -)
  4. Yay! I'm excited : ) let me know if anything doesn't work for you, I don't mind switching things up if needed
  5. Screenies: Right here :) Extra Details: Yess could you add a philtrum piercing like so and also this if that's okay! and for the eye jewels Idk if you could make them sparkle a bit?? That would be awesome :))) Text: Fraud Watermark: Georgie Price: 12k credits :s plus tip creds? :) ~Thanks! I hope this is all okay ♥
  6. Fraud

    T O T A L адреналин

    @Elextra that's perfect! so cute :) thanks! payment sent
  7. Fraud

    T O T A L адреналин

    That's awesome! no changes, thanks :)
  8. Fraud

    T O T A L адреналин

    [FORM] Style: 1 References: sta.sh Extras: please feel free to add any cute details/be creative! :) Text: Fraud

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