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About Nimoy

  • Birthday 07/21/1993

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  1. Nimoy

    Alex'sart [open]

  2. Nimoy

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    I’ll be ordering soon then!! Haha
  3. Nimoy

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    It looks amazing! I love all the different styles 😄
  4. Nimoy

    carperOPEN 2/5

    Beautiful art =]
  5. Nimoy

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    Yes it looks great =] thank you!!
  6. Nimoy

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    Aw it looks great!! Haha could you make the hair a ashy browny color? Besides that it’s perfect =]
  7. Nimoy

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    It looks perfect!! Thank you =]
  8. Nimoy

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    It looks great!! Do you think you could do a laughing expression with the mouth open kind of like this one you did? =] Also, do you think you could cover the left ear with hair? I never show my ears really haha the right one is good though!! Lastly, could you bring more hair to the front? Thank you!! And I'm sorry for being so picky haha
  9. Nimoy

    ♡ Bubble Tea ♡ | OPEN 4/4 FULL

    Ahhh!! It’s so cute I absolutely love it haha, I can’t wait to see the end result, thank you!! =] Also, I got new glasses and they are pretty much the same but they are brown and have gold on the sides they look like this
  10. Nimoy

    Blorbz - [Art Shop] 3/5 [REG OPEN] 2/2 [BRIBE FULL]

    Thank you!! Here is the proof
  11. Nimoy

    ♡ Bubble Tea ♡ | OPEN 4/4 FULL

    That’s okay, take your time!! And I’m sure it will be perfect =]
  12. Nimoy

    ♡ Bubble Tea ♡ | OPEN 4/4 FULL

    That’s okay!! Life gets busy i understand =] take your time!!
  13. Nimoy

    ♡ Bubble Tea ♡ | OPEN 4/4 FULL

    Here is the proof =] ♥ I am too excited for this!! haha
  14. Nimoy

    ♡ Bubble Tea ♡ | OPEN 4/4 FULL

    I'm Ordering: DP! =] Oc/Refs: Here are the refs ♥ Text: Nimoy, Reanna Extra: I'd like to get all my rats in this DP haha I'd like to have Caesar on my head, he is my smallest rat haha He has a rex black and white coat with dumbo ears, I'd like to have Munk on my left shoulder, eating a cheese yogi treat haha they look like this, he has a brown hood with a white mark at the top of his head and then the rest of him is all white also he has top ears, Then I would like to have Theodore looking up at Munk in my arms, he is an all brown rattie with a white tummy and huge dumbo ears haha, Next I'd like to have Zippy on the other side in my arms looking off to the side, he is a white broken hooded, his hood is the same brown as Munk, and he is a little bit smaller than Munk he was the runt of his litter Lol, and then finally I'd like to have Ziloh on my other shoulder doing this pose haha =] he also has dumbo ears and he has really light grey splotches on him and white, also he has ruby eyes, so not pink but like a dark dark red. That's a lot! haha For the expression I would like to have one eye shut, with Caesars tail over it like his tail is dangling and is covering my eye. I'd like to be laughing again as well =] Lastly, I'd like to have a heart in a speech bubble! Also, the pose I referenced doesn't have to be exactly that, but I wanna look like I am holding them in my arms! DP: Price: $20 =] Keyword: Limes!!

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