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About Me

I lost my furbaby.

Rest in Peace, Kiki

April 30th, 2018


gonna be depressed for a while


Gamer | Badger | Digital Artist | Computer Tech | Princess




Name: Summer
Age: 22
Sign: Scorpio
Birthday: Nov 6

Region: United States, MS


Anime: Elfen lied, Death Note, Blood+, Chobits, Bleach, XXXholic, Samurai Champloo, Angel Beats, Witchblade, Kill La Kill, Parasyte, High school of the dead, Rosario + Vampire, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, etc. 


Music: Alice Glass, Crystal castles, Grimes, Boogie, Purity ring, SBTRKT, Neon Indian, Spooky Black, Fleet foxes, Circa survive, Chance the rapper, Eminem, FKA twigs, Odesza, K. flay, Watsky, Karmin, Lorde, Chvrches, Die Antwoord, Jhameel, Little dragon, Steam powered giraffe, Thieves like us, Xxyyxx, Flume, ABRA, Gorillaz, Doja Cat, etc.


Games: Fortnite, Dead Island, Skyrim, TERA, Saints row, GTA, Gmod, Life is strange, Walking dead, Fable, Bully, Dragon's Dogma, Borderlands, Catlateral Damage, Dynasty Warriors, The Last of Us, Left 4 Dead, Dead by Daylight, Skullgirls, Borderlands, Huniepop, Friday the 13th, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who made your DP? Message me, I update it too often
2. How much do you charge for your art? 15,000 Credits for singles, 20,000 credits for couples.
3. What art programs do you use? Sai, Photoshop, Gimp 
4. Can I order from you? Yes, just message me. (If I don't have a shop open of course!)



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