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  1. Skullz ☠ ~full

    @Michella Another WIP, just to let you know that I'm working on it. Assignments keep me so effin' busy.
  2. blah blah shop thing

    Gorgeous, ty~
  3. ||roadwork ahead ? yeah i sure hope it does. ||

    I actually love the 1st one, i might change the hair ref or add a slightly curlier version. I love everything else so far tho, and yeah, the gun is totally optional.
  4. sketch practiiiiiiice, hmu!

    Text: Wee OCs: My baes
  5. Sketchin' 4 you

    Text: Wee References: If you wanna try males Extra: -
  6. Jo's Free DPs

    Screenies: Genderless Text: Wee Likes: Dark colors, skulls, lace, roses, pastel goth, blood Dislikes: orange Anything Else to know?: Nope.
  7. ||roadwork ahead ? yeah i sure hope it does. ||

    Text: Wee OC: Slyssa *I do enjoy some spicy ramen - i always feel like I have to say this, b/c it's awesome, and I love writing. Scriptwriting is so very difficult.
  8. { Pixel }

    What do you want?: A devil heart Where will you use it?: Sig, probably in my shop as a header design, and MAYBE as a support sticker? Refs: Overall Look | Another look | And another Details: Either bat wings and a demon tail, or tail and horns. I don't know how much you'll be able to fit on the heart. Other: Dark colors~
  9. not that good, not that bad

    Text: Wee OCs: <3
  10. repaint practice ~

    Text: Wee Screens: Genderless
  11. Buni's Free Chibi's ~ Open ~

    Form Text: Wee Refs/Oc's: Femmys! Single/Couple: Single Lineart Color: Black Extra: Hope you find one you like.
  12. empire | free sketches {FULL}

    OC / Reference: { If you wanna try males Pose: { Included. Extra poses Expression: { Included. Text: { Wee Extra: { My females, in case
  13. ♡ Pixel Bods ♡

    Form Text: Wee Body or Booty: Booty References or Theme: Dark / Demonic | Bottoms | Heartshaped Demon Tail | Demon Wings Extra / Other: All in black color with bits of crimson.

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