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  1. There's so many friends on IMVU that I miss.. I tear up every time I think of them..

    I miss my pink queen...</3

  2. I have a question for you all.. Have you ever lost someone you really loved?.. [break ups]

    Is it very bad to have hope everything will be okay after some time?..

    I'm scared.. It hurts really bad.. I feel so lonely? I miss him so much..

    He said I'm his best friend.. but I still hope after some time he'll miss me..

    He says we'll never get back together..but he also says he could be wrong..

    I don't know what to think.. I can't stop crying..I have no one..

    I'm losing myself everyday..

    I need help..


  3. Starting to think my art sucks..

    1. Jack




    2. Tilt


      @Jack meeh  i've been disliking it more and  more everyday :c

  4. Is anyone up to talk?.. add me on discord..  Angel ✨#4449

  5.                              reworking on this atm

    image.png.b8b985b4e57739ed37d2717f18b879c0.png  image.png.73b81098ea675b9e1e881fa3fbe2465e.png

  6. New Premade on my shop

    #Under the Lights - 4$


  7. :17christmas:
    1. PHE0NIX


      Merry Christmas dear. We haven’t talked in a while. I will private message you. 

    2. PHE0NIX


      Merry Christmas dear.

    3. Tilt


      I'll be waiting hun :lazeblush:

  8. @LuciaMarina is like the best person :llampret:

  9. someone hook me up with cute premades; i only have 18$ tho

  10. My relationship just went to the trash can lol.. 

    I need a new dp 

    1. Hiroki


      Aww, are you ok? would you like to talk about it? :c

    2. Tilt


      @Hiroki I'm okay I guess, thanks boo

  11. Hello everyone, just wanted to say I didn't manage to buy a new tablet yet since some things have happened and I could not use the money I had saved on it


    Hope you understand, thank you 

  12. 1 hour for my bday!!! :woahpunch:

    1. Infectable


      Happy Birthday :D, Hope you have a good one.

    2. Addictable


      Happy Birthday!!!!♥

  13. hello everyone! I'm sorry i haven't posted new dps lately but i broke my tablet </3 i might get a new one since my bday is in 4 days , wish me luck :icry:

  14. 8 days for my bday :woahpunch:


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