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  1. Prince

    Fluffy Cloud | Premade Goal Shop |

    Finally! I've been waiting for your comeback I'll keep an eye on you and a hand on the pocket!
  2. Prince

    Artist of the Moment

    I'd like my name down for AOM, please. Thank you. Shop
  3. Prince

    Need a topic locked or deleted?

    please delete this
  4. Prince

    Need a topic locked or deleted?

    please delete, thanks so much.
  5. Prince

    The Weird Things You Do

    I wink at old people in the subway sometimes lol
  6. Prince

    What programs/tablets do you use?

    photoshop, sai and a wacom intuos pen and touch
  7. Prince

    Give the next person something to draw!

    its a pumpkin, alright? first drawing with the new tablet... draw a fish
  8. Prince

    Work In Progress

    trying to figure out shadow stuff
  9. Prince


    I play CS:GO, but i suck so wtv, lol
  10. Prince

    Show Off your Original Character!

    A chibi made for my music chanel

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