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About Me

Currently I'm perusing the route of PIxel Dps ! I hope one day I can be as good as Taiya but lets be honest :lazeweep:

I'm taking orders through my new custom shop !! woo woo woo feel free to stop bye say hi and pop in an order ~~


Comissions OPEN



I thought I may add my little GASR goals / dreams here since my about me section is already unorganised and generally empty


Art from amazing artists I haven't had the chance to, like : 

Windows, ThroughTheLightx, K3em, PeculiarDork, Unequal Zelta, Sorcelly, Capsule, Taiyachan, Cheese, xxAphroditeGodess, Tao, Lunna, Adore, Deli, Nova and sorry for others I may of missed that I also love :lazeangel: you guys are my heroes :lazecry:


My main goal is to just have a nice organised shop that people are fighting to get into and get a piece from me, in terms of art, but first I got to keep practising and get gewd


Also here's some amazing art by Princepol the sweetie:



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