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  1. PREMADE NAME: Hey Babe MAIN TEXT: Emmi WATERMARK: Emmi @ imvu on one and Emmi @ gasr on another. IS THE PREMADE FOR A FRIEND / ALT : YES / NO NO PRICE: $70
  2. Premade#:18 Price:20 Desired Text: H♥C Could you give him black hair please and make hers a little bit lighter. :D And give them both brown eyes.
  3. Thank you so much money sent Proof ♥
  4. TITLE: Sample 3 CHANGES: None TEXT: Heather PRICE: £10
  5. Emmi

    League of Legends

    I used to be addicted to league but then I started feeling a little too old to sit and listen to the raging teens xD Still a fun game tho!
  6. Sorcelly & Capsule OR Sorcelly & Saxophonia
  7. I don't really have an "oc" but I loved looking at everyone elses xD

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