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  1. I'll definitely add you on Discord <3 Also payment received
  2. Well I was having a bit of block so I put your second order aside and drew my own character just to get myself out of the block and I sat myself down and starting working on your second dp c: and you're very welcome I'm very glad I could make your day <3
  3. You can send payment now if you'd like c: I'm glad you're liking it far do let know if you want anything changed
  4. Yay I'm so happy you like her c: I'm starting on the next order now and $10 to emmavasllo2@gmail.com ❤
  5. @Naden I'm changing my prices to $10 If there's anything you want added or changed do let me know
  6. HEY! Soo sorry I've been super busy with work, but tomorrow I get off and I'll definitely finish up the dp, so sorry again for not giving you an update sooner ;∆;

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