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  1. Screen(s): 1 Text: Foxed Watermark Text: Foxed Extra: Busty, underboob shirt if u can in black color, sexy, artistic freedom, nose piercing Bribe(?):
  2. Hello! ♥ Screen(s): 1 2 3 4 Text: Zkywalker / another one for lHakk (gonna pay the extra 1k) Watermark Text: Zkywalker Extra: (accessories, bg color, or any things I need to know?) Just follow the screenies n.n and Artistic freedom :) I'd like a cigarrete, If u wanna try n.n If not there's no problem!☻ Bribe(?):
  3. Devil Eyes (0/4)

    No couples then?
  4. nicopuri [f u l l]

    Oh thanks dear!
  5. nicopuri [f u l l]

    Omg! I know you're full, but I'd like to order from your shop :D Can I? Just in case u say yas, I hope so!!!♥ form text : Zkywalker + Foxed color / y or n / : yes! refs : #1 [Removed by Moderator] #3 [Removed by Moderator], This is me, I like this kind of xpression, This is him You can choose whatever ref you'd like to draw. He's really rude, and I'm really kawaii. expression : ↑ bg : nop extra : maybe a drooling animated tongue for me! And a snake tongue for him maybe licking my cheek (Please no chibi version) price : 8k couple colored + 4K complex animation = 12k? IF U CAN'T CONTACT ME HERE, YOU CAN FIND ME ON IMVU AS Foxed.

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