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  1. @Latvinia If you could swap the names to Alex & Carter instead of Carter & Alex? Otherwise it’s perfect!
  2. @Latvinia I was just about to ask you when you wanted the payment, I just sent it!
  3. @Latvinia no problem at all, but I love it so much! Only change I ask is coffin nails for Carter to match the skirt, I forgot to put that in the OC. Otherwise it’s perfect!
  4. Character description: In OCs (Stash)! Reference images: Stash (OC) Type of commission (headshot,bust...): Half body Style (semi realism/anime): Anime Text (optional): Alex & Carter Price (ask if not sure): $16
  5. Premade: Demoness Name on premade(one): Carter Watermark(yes/no): Yes (Lattae) Paypal email(here or pm): PM Total: $45 Do you agree to my TOS: Of course I’ve been dying for a new DP from you! 😍
  6. @Waifu No problem at all. But love it, thanks!
  7. PYC form: I want a pyc! First time buying my art?: Nope Premade name: Angel References: None, but gold, white, silver, brown, blue, purple, red are colors I would like. If needed I can make an OC Background: Artist Choice Sparkles in the picture?: No thanks Text: Carter any extra animation?: No thanks Paypal email: Will PM Final price:  8€
  8. Aw man I was literally about to buy Hecate 😅
  9. @Waifu I love it! Thank you !

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