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  1. @Bunnycat I love her! Where should I send payment?
  2. 𝕱𝖔𝖗𝖒 : OCs: Stash Text: Lattae Background idea: Artist Choice Animations: Artist Choice Total: 4 Euro
  3. @Sereani OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH THANK YOU!! And I’m honestly quite honored it’s one of your favorite pieces you’ve done 😊 I sent you payment as well! Here’s proof Payment ❤️
  4. @Sereani it’s great so far!
  5. @Sereani haha not a problem, sounds like a plan! 🙂
  6. @Sereani I wanted the one with a couple dp crops! So yes the $18 one. Sorry I was also a bit confused tbh lol
  7. Commission Type: DP References: Luna Star OC Animation: No thanks Background: Galaxy/Spacey Text: Lattae Extra: None Total Price: $19?
  8. Form: Text: Carter Reference: OC Thanks for considering ^.^
  9. Crueds

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot Full ++--

    @rockdreamer that’s fine thank you 🙂
  10. Crueds

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot Full ++--

    @rockdreamer whoops sorry I must have miscalculated your slots. But yes please if you wouldn’t mind
  11. Crueds

    --++ Rock's Custom Shop ++ Slot Full ++--

    -= Form =- ▪ References: Stash ▪ Theme: Mystical ▪ Anything else I should know: All in stash ▪ Text on DP: Lazes ▪ Your email to send the art to: thekellyset@gmail.com ▪ Paypal email: (email that can i send and invoice to) Same email as above ▪ Final Price: $15
  12. @12AM no changes, it’s perfect!
  13. Crueds

    Under Construction

    @Megumim I love it so much! Thank you! I’m definitely coming back very soon ^.^ Proof of payment

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