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  1. 𝕱𝖔𝖗𝖒 : OCs: OC Regular or Couple? Regular Text: Lattae Background idea: Under water, dark fantasy Animations: Artist Choice Total: 4€
  2. @Waifu I love it! Thank you !
  3. @Waifu looks good so far!
  4. PYC form: I want a pyc! Premade name: Char Char References: x I’ve had this OC but I think it would be perfect for this Background: Artist Choice Sparkles in the picture?: No Thanks Text: Lattae Final price: $15
  5. @Elextra stop I can’t get over how good she looks already. Yes everything is great!
  6. @Elextra if she’s has a bit more of an hour glass figure, otherwise she’s perfect, wow!
  7. @Elextra it’s perfect so far!
  8. @Elextra thank you!! Ah yay I’m so excited, I already sent payment
  9. [FORM] Style: 1 References: OC Extras: I think everything is in the OC Text: Carter
  10. @Waifu paid hun! Thank you for holding (:
  11. Oh that was the falling snow! 😁
  12. PREMADE PYOC FORM Premade #: 108 Text: Carter & Alex Colors: Red, Gold, Black, Brown, Silver, White, Green, Blue Background: Snow/Winter Wonderland, Outside Extra: Get rid of “Ho Ho Ho” on shirt, Falling Snow, Add Christmas Lights that both girls are holding (light for animation), Add Choker on Second Girl and Blinking (Is this all ok? :D) Email: Will PM
  13. Thank you! I’ll pay right away on Friday (:
  14. Great thanks I want a premade! Premade name: 019 Text: Lattae Final price: $10

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