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  1. 𝕱𝖔𝖗𝖒 : OCs: X Text: Lattae Background idea: Artist Choice, maybe something dark/sexy? Animations: Artist Choice Total: €4
  2. Crueds

    ✨ ANGEL STUDIO ✨ | [ 1 ] |

    Yesss she’s gorg ❤️
  3. Crueds


    Form: Premade#: #IceCold Name on premade: Lattae Watermark: Lattae Paypal: Will PM Total: $48 
  4. Crueds

    ✨ ANGEL STUDIO ✨ | [ 1 ] |

    Omg I need her, I don’t get paid until Friday 😍😩
  5. Crueds

    T O T A L адреналин

    @Elextra Sent payment! Sorry for the wait again
  6. Crueds

    T O T A L адреналин

    @Elextra Sorry for the delay! Somethings up my with account but I promise payment will be sent by tomorrow afternoon!
  7. Crueds

    T O T A L адреналин

    @Elextra YES I love it so much! If you could make her chest look bigger? If that makes sense? Haha, otherwise it’s perfect. And I’ll send payment in a few!
  8. Crueds

    T O T A L адреналин

    @Elextra It's completely fine! But yes oml I love it!
  9. Crueds

    T O T A L адреналин

    @Elextra Hi hi love! Just wondering if there's any updates? I'm not trying to rush you or anything! Just checking in is all ^.^
  10. Crueds

    T O T A L адреналин

    @Elextra actually if it’s not too late can she have solid black gauges? If it’s too late don’t worry about it!
  11. Crueds

    T O T A L адреналин

    @Elextra oh my goodness I love it so much already! No changes 😘
  12. Crueds

    T O T A L адреналин

    @Elextra awesome I’m so excited! Also, I can pay whenever (:
  13. Crueds

    T O T A L адреналин

    [FORM] Style: One References: OC Extras: Should Be All in OC Text: Divy & Carter

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