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  1. ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ // OPEN // Read pg.32

    @Ukie Thank you so much! I figured out how to resize it just little that it still works! THANK YOU <3 will order from you again thats for sure. We love it.
  2. ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ // OPEN // Read pg.32

    @Ukie Thank you so much! how much would be for these changes? Kinda confused how much it will be because just want lower kb to fit imvu dp requirement and moving her name to the top of her head like mine?
  3. ♡ M E R M A I D S ♡ // OPEN // Read pg.32

    @Ukie @Alchemy Hi I am messaging you about the order alchemy and I (Stalk) wanted! She can't message you at the moment so I decided to message. If you want her to message you as confirmation then thats okay too. I paid for the picture so I thought it would be okay to message. We love the photo but we were wondering if her name could be on top of her head like how stalk is on mine? and is there a way to lower the kb so we can set it as our IMVU dps? If its impossible then you can take off the sparkling cheeks if something needs to come off in order to fit the kb requirement! thank you If i would need to send money for these changes let me know.

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