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  • Birthday 06/02/1999

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    Undead till the very end
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  1. Inferno


    I cant wait to see the end result
  2. Inferno


    Ahh! That mermaid is gorgeous! You should do a siren mermaid from the tv series :3
  3. Of course! ❤️ I've always been a fan of you and your art hun
  4. Thamn, you succeeded asf on the first one! Like that detail though is 😍
  5. Inferno

    Moon Phases - Slots Open

    AHHHH, TWINN! YOUR DP ❤️ @Velllocet You did so good ellyn! (x
  6. Inferno


  7. Inferno


    So awesome! Kinda gives me fall vibes and I love it ❤️
  8. Inferno


  9. Inferno


    I wanna watch the whole world burn down ♪
  10. Inferno


  11. Inferno


  12. Inferno


    Oooo, monochrome! Yess cx
  13. I miss your art so much hun Literally check your shop almost everyday to see new pieces done ♥ One day I'll order from you again ♥ Got an idea ready just for you (x
  14. Omg, I love it! Will pm the email :)
  15. » Username: Claim » Commission: Icon 100x80 (standard imvu size) - I want the look dark, gothic, & latex please but not too dark of a background because I create black hairs and black clothes so I need them to show Maybe coffins on the side like the 'Slaith' icon with the skull candles And I like the overlay with the small white dots on the 'ImDisturbed' icon » Preferred Text: Claim » Total Price: 27.5k » Paypal/Credits: Credits » File Format: .psd » E-mail: May I pm this for safety? » Answer Key: WhenNightFalls

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