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    Omg....@ #darkness though. Just died inside

    @Cymette It is but I can not get it</3 I sadly don't have that kind of money

    #Valentina is on firee
  4. ✥ RISE ✥ .:1/3 Open:. Stickers Available!

    hehe , lowkey cant stop looking at it <3

    Oh my. Im just now seeing this I miss you hun<3 I'll be the one to ask for dark, goth, pvc, monochrome themes lol
  6. [Poll] Keep shops together or separate?

    I agree with @Sadistic I like how things are now and how everyone's shops are mixed up and in the same category Keeps things simple
  7. Premade : Dommina Text : Quin as the text & Quincey as the watermark (Could you pm me it pls c: ) Price : $11 May I have her on hold? I'll have the money tomorrow hopefully^^
  8. D ə L ə ʁ I ∪ M

    It is, thank you! I have sent proof through pm :)
  9. D ə L ə ʁ I ∪ M

    I love it & don't worry, I understand :) I have two small changes though: Can the ear be a tad more smaller please & the boob that has "Tats" on it bigger or make the left boob smaller to make them look even
  10. D ə L ə ʁ I ∪ M

    References: Sta.sh Details: All in sta.sh Attitude: ^ Extras: Text: Two - Tats , Quin .. Could you pm me the quin version please :3 (optional)Song: Bust $14
  11. » Username: Claim » Commission: Icon 100x80 (standard imvu size) - I want the look dark, gothic, & latex please but not too dark of a background because I create black hairs and black clothes so I need them to show Maybe coffins on the side like the 'Slaith' icon with the skull candles And I like the overlay with the small white dots on the 'ImDisturbed' icon » Preferred Text: Claim » Total Price: 27.5k » Paypal/Credits: Credits » File Format: .psd » E-mail: May I pm this for safety? » Answer Key: WhenNightFalls
  12. Payment sent: x I'd hate to be a pain in the arse but is it alright if you could add blood to the spikes too? If you cant, that is fine with me :>
  13. Yes, blood on the horns please ^^ And yeah, totally separate for the names.

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