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  1. @Caedis omg I am glad u like my work! I absolutely love your Unicorn OC♥ I'll be able to start tomorrow (:
  2. OC I want to work on: Unicorn!♥ Examples: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (new>old) Do you do animation? (Yes or No): Yes! Can I use a watermarked copy for OC examples? (Yes or No): Yes Did you read the rules and must haves? (Yes or No): Sure c: Prices: 30 USD (price includes animations)
  3. The Beautiful People (Closed Temp)

    @Projection paypal is miyagsfr@gmail.com I'll send dps through pm ♥
  4. The Beautiful People (Closed Temp)

    Hello! I finished your piece! Sorry for not sending wips, I'd understand if you reject her. I can still make some changes so if you want let me know. If not I'll make animations c:
  5. @Sadistic aww thank you! ^-^
  6. The Beautiful People (Closed Temp)

    Hello, I'd like to try Grime c: I charge 30 usd (including animations) examples:
  7. V A S T A Y A premade art shop by Miya I N T R O D U C T I O N R U L E S Welcome to my second premade art shop on this forum. I am creating semi-realistic drawings. Mostly I do DPs but sometimes I do adoptables, badges etc… Semi-realistic is my primary style that means it will be there more often, but sometimes I like to do more anime drawings. I like to try new things so there will be also a lot of experimental art. I want to improve my skills in animations. Every piece of my art will be animated (well, at least I’ll try). Please don’t message me about customs, I don’t do them right now because I am really busy in my life. Maybe I’ll open one in the future. I hope so. c: By ordering you are agreeing with rules below: - Do not resell/edit/steal any of the pieces. - First comes, first serve. - I am willing to hold premade for 2 days. - Do not send payment until I aprove your order. - I am not editing finished pieces, so please don’t ask for changes. - I am accepting only paypal payments. - No refunds. - Don’t claim my work as yours. - Delivery 24h after payment. - Send as goods and services. - You got 2 days to pay. - Payment to: miyagsfr@gmail.com - Fill out the form below P R E M A D E S Premade name: Rosie Price: 25 USD Available Premade name: Devil Price: 25 USD Available F O R M Name: Text: Price:
  8. Your Artwork when you first started vs now

    Name: Miya Age when you started & age now: maybe 12; now 18 How much time between them?: 6 years this is one of my first dps ever and it looks so bad lol
  9. Games

    I prefer PC because I'm really bad with controller My Mains: League of Legends Tomb Raider Overwatch Far Cry Series CS:GO I can't choose between PUBG and H1Z1 :c

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