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About Miya

  • Birthday 03/29/1999

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  1. Miya

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    @Projection paypal is miyagsfr@gmail.com I'll send dps through pm ♥
  2. Miya

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    Hello! I finished your piece! Sorry for not sending wips, I'd understand if you reject her. I can still make some changes so if you want let me know. If not I'll make animations c:
  3. Miya

    Golden Afternoon (New OC'S!) (Closed)

    Hello, I'd like to try Grime c: I charge 30 usd (including animations) examples:
  4. Miya

    Your Artwork when you first started vs now

    Name: Miya Age when you started & age now: maybe 12; now 18 How much time between them?: 6 years this is one of my first dps ever and it looks so bad lol
  5. Miya


    I prefer PC because I'm really bad with controller My Mains: League of Legends Tomb Raider Overwatch Far Cry Series CS:GO I can't choose between PUBG and H1Z1 :c

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