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  1. Yeaah i can probably do that for the background ^-^
  2. @Umakai All finished! Hope you like~ @Lucielia Accepted
  3. @Umakai I started on the first DP~
  4. @Sataniac Received the credits ty! Here you are~ @Umakai 2nd order accepted~
  5. @Sataniac All finished! I hope you like~ The 3rd I made into a gif too.
  6. @Sataniac Started yours! @Umakai First order accepted~
  7. @AriannaThank you so much q.q I hope you like!
  8. @Arianna Just going to be fixing up a bit more still. You can send if you're happy to.
  9. @Arianna Hope this is better now?
  10. NOTICE FOR EVERYONE Deliveries will be a bit slower as I've gone back to work after the xmas break. Shouldnt be longer than a week from time accepted though.
  11. @Arianna noooo dont be sorry. Im glad you told me sooner rather than later !
  12. Yes no problemmm i will change the bra and hair. I plan on playing with the skin colour after to lighten it to grey but it just helps to shade purple for me.
  13. @Arianna I'm going to keep updating the spoiler with wips to avoid mega spam

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