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  1. Text: Dissocia ref: https://sta.sh/23axjys99fm theme: based off screen extra: artistic freedom~ thanks for considering!
  2. Omg looks awesome so far! Only change is just a little thinner eyebrows? Thank you so much!
  3. Omg I love the art Thank you for considering! Text: Dissocia Screens: xx Artistic freedom allowed~
  4. Dissocia


    Thanks for considering~ Text: Dissocia Refs: xxx Extra: Artistic freedom~
  5. Very pretty art! Thanks for considering~ Text: Dissocia Screens: xxx Extra: Artistic freedom~
  6. Dissocia

    <3 Practice

    Love the art! Thanks for considering~ Text: Dissocia Screens: xxx Extra: Artistic freedom~
  7. πŸ’š Text : Dissocia πŸ’š Style: Dark & Sparkly πŸ’š Hair: As on screen. Please ignore the horn, don't add this. πŸ’š Eyes: ^ πŸ’š Lips: ^ πŸ’š Add ons : Please keep in the hand, piercings, jewel crown thing. πŸ’š Extra details: If you can make a gif version with sparkles please. πŸ’š Music (for inspiration): xxx πŸ’š Payment: Credits (11k I think? + tip) Thanks you for considering~
  8. Name / Text: Dissocia References: xxx Background: Artistic freedom. Extra details: I like facial piercings, artistic freedom as to what fits. Thanks for considering!
  9. Thanks for considering, art looking so goooood~ Text: Dissocia Screenies: xxx Background: Artistic freedom.
  10. Hello~ I would love to try. $6 for 3-5 DP crops.
  11. Yeees thanks for accepting, your art is so gorgeous! I was thinking of trying 4a - if you would like to let me know what kind of pose you like and any extras/changes. Theme(s): Pastel galaxy angel. Accessorie(s): Would love the wings to be included and piercings with galaxy makeup as in ref. Reference Pic(s): x Screenie(s): x Text Wanted on Pic: Dissocia Additional Want(s): Maybe animated if possible, wings moving or whatever fits. Artistic freedom with everything.
  12. I would love to trade~ Examples:
  13. Hellu~ I would love to try Jess or Alex. Price: $6 Examples:

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