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  1. Helloo, thanks for visiting my free shop! I honestly just need to get better at drawing certain things such as anatomy, clothing, poses, hands. And everything in general, but focusing on those parts mainly for now. I'm just going to be offering sketches which may range from terrible to idek. Probably won't be coloured but you never know. Rules: I'll only be doing this when I feel like practising so please don't rush or anything. I'll probably go out of order depending on what inspires me. Please do not sell anything on, claim as your own, etc., but you may get it coloured if you want. Make your own form. I really font mind how much you include, screens, pictures, writing. I can work from anything. HOWEVER do note the point of my shop is to improve the things listed above :) Previous sketches (although your sketches may differ from this):
  2. @JisoHyua OMG Shes the most adorable snazzy lil thang! Thank you soo much eeeeeee <3
  3. Dissocia


    Omg I love her! The expression and the colours are so beautiful! Thanks you sooo much!
  4. Oc's/Screenie: 1 2 3 4 5 Text: Dissocia Watermark: Dissocia Extra: please include piercings :) thank you you so much for considering!
  5. Dissocia


    @CorpseMind omg no changes she is looking perfect ❤️
  6. Dissocia


    @CorpseMind oof mami that wip is looking gooood! 🔥
  7. :: FORM :: ♥ Text: Dissocia ♥ Style: Starry Cheeb or pastel depending on which fits and your preference. ♥ How Many Chibis?: 1 or 2, your choice if either inspire you! ♥ Refs: 1 2 ♥ Other?: artistic freedom good luck with your shop Jiso! Love these cheebs and thanks for considering 🌸
  8. @Talon omg thanks so much for accepting! Can’t wait ^-^
  9. text: Dissocia OC: Persona / OC screenies: Screens extra: please include piercings on each one. Artistic freedom with anything. absolutely amazing example. It is so beautiful and such a nice animation too! I haven’t seen one like that before :o thanks for considering!
  10. ♡ Type: DP ♡ Name/Text: Dissocia ♡ Text style: artistic freedom ♡ Ref(s) (this includes any poses, facial expressions, props, "extras"): Persona / OC / Screens ♡ Background: artistic freedom to match ref ♡ Animation: I would love one, however it is not required if you don’t want to :) ♡ Comments: please include facial piercings in any art. i love the examples posted! Especially the first couple 😍 thanks for considering!
  11. I love this work! The digital has a fantasy art feel so it which is so lovely! Style: Digital Persona / OC / Screens Text: Dissocia other: please include piercings. Feel free to have artistic freedom with everything. thanks for considering
  12. Name: Dissocia Refs: Persona / OC / Screens Style: Coloured headshot or bust - artist choice. Background Color: depending on what is picked, artistic freedom to what matches. Details: please include piercings. Side notes: feel free to experiment if you wish. Everything can be flexible :) thanks for considering! This style is so awesome :)
  13. OMG thank you! I am in love this is so beautiful. Thank you so so so much for choosing mine ❤️ Such a beautiful piece.
  14. This art is so beautiful I can’t not post omg! text: Dissocia Refs: Persona / OC / Screens size: any you think fit :) extra: please include piercings on each one. Artistic freedom with anything. thanks for considering !

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