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About Ursa

  • Birthday 11/10/1996


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    Need To Hibernate.
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  1. Ursa


    Premade #: The Brave Text: Ursa Price: $13
  2. He looks amazing! Thank you so much. Payment sent, proof!
  3. The trees speak Latin. IMVU Username: Ursa References: Pua Size: I think maybe 60x40? Or whatever size you think is better Notes: No background please Payment Total: $12? Key: Patience
  4. Ursa

    Get Painted

    She looks perfect! Payment sent: Proof
  5. @Nefeti She looks perfect, thank you sooo much for doing her! Payment sent: Proof!
  6. Ursa

    Eye Candy ♥

    She looks amazing! Payment sent: Proof. If I didn't send the right amount please let me know x.x
  7. Ursa

    Get Painted

    Oh alright! Thank you for letting me know :)
  8. Ursa


    OH! This is so adorable! I can't wait to see it finished<3
  9. Ursa

    Eye Candy ♥

    What are you Ordering?: Shoulder Up DPText: UrsaGender: FemaleHair Reference(Style and Color): Hairstyle & Hair ColorEye Color: ClickSkin Reference/s: ClickClothing Reference/s: ClickAccessories: Possible accessories are: Hat, Gloves/Mittens, Scarf - Other Popular Winter Items. Coffee/Hot Chocolate Cup. It's up to you if you want to do any of these. They are not necessary.Extra: She has a pet bear, if you want to include it that would be great, but not necessary: Click
  10. Ursa

    Get Painted

    Just wanted to let you know I've changed my name from Kita to Ursa!
  11. Ursa


    STYLE 1 ❄ Text; Ursa ❄ OC/Refs; Click ❄ Extras; The pet bear is optional. If you need any more refs for anything please let me know. ❄ Price; $20 plus whatever it costs if you decide to do bear.
  12. I'm still interested if you would like to do my order!^_^
  13. Ursa

    백합 🌈 // 3 all for 2€

    Hey hun! Just wanted to let you know I changed my name from Kita to Ursa.
  14. Paid! Wasn't sure which part to screenshot to show proof x-x
  15. Premade: Pure Text: Ursa Paypal email: violetrus@yahoo.com Extra:

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