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  1. Text: Vell Refs: Here ^^ Extra: Artistic freedom! & thank you for considering
  2. form Text: Vell References: Here ^^ Inspiration: (Not necessary) Mostly in refs (: Personality: Dark, mysterious, not a fan of pink/cute/kawaii-stuff Anything else: Thank you for considering, I hope this all will help with your art block, sure do love your artwork!
  3. Hiii text: Vell oc/reference/screenshot: Screenies here ^^ extra: artistic freedom, I love your art style and I hope you'll have lots of fun! ^^ Thank you so much for considering
  4. Velllocet


    Hiii Text: Vell Screenies: Here ^^ Extra: Artistic freedom, have fun with them :3 Thank you for considering! Love your artwork
  5. Premade: Finally Name on premade(one): Vell Watermark: Velllocet Paypal email(here or pm): PM Total: $45 Do you agree to my TOS: Yes
  6. Velllocet

    Custom - Opertum

    This is Golden!
  7. Awesome hun Proof of payment ^^
  8. Name of premade/PYOC: Witchy Gurl Text (include watermark): Text: Vell - Watermark: Velllocet (def need it to work on IMVU )
  9. Velllocet

    Cat Premade

    Im in love with this! shittttt is it still available?
  10. Velllocet


    I love this!
  11. WIP ALPHA ~ claiming~ code : vc3batch8 F22 colour changes ( if theres option provided ) : white hair ^^ text : Vell watermark : Velllocet

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