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  1. TheParadigm

    [ ☼ BLUEPIG ART ☼ ] | OPEN ✩| ♥

    Best Boy is starting to remind me of SWAT Kats. :o Something I'm super in favor of. Looooooooove that show!
  2. TheParadigm

    [ ☼ BLUEPIG ART ☼ ] | OPEN ✩| ♥

    Most excited for the one for me but that other one is looking great too. XD love your work, @BluepigART
  3. TheParadigm

    [ ☼ BLUEPIG ART ☼ ] | OPEN ✩| ♥

    I'll definitely be posting a request either tonight or tomorrow. Probably a bust with two characters. Looking forward to getting more of your work! It's so good x.x hope you get all the funds you need in time!
  4. TheParadigm

    [ ☼ BLUEPIG ART ☼ ] | OPEN ✩| ♥

    Totally fair! I can't right this second but I'll PM you tonight for sure
  5. TheParadigm

    [ ☼ BLUEPIG ART ☼ ] | OPEN ✩| ♥

    @BluepigART Heyo. I'm the actual recipient for the art. Feel free to confirm with @Elzy that this is the case. I've been procrastinating making an account super hard but finally did. XD I'm happy to handle any details directly from here on. Thanks for accepting the form by the way! Also if changing who you deal through is an issue, I totally understand and will gladly let Elzy keep mediating.

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