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  1. wip of a new badge collection!
  2. Welcome to That’s Bizarre Welcome to my shop, I’m oppa. In this shop, you’ll find display pictures and badge premades. I currently only accept credits, I’m really sorry. I may have the occasional new item like icons, adoptables, etc. But most of the time, it’ll be one of the two I’ve mentioned. I’d love if you suggested ideas for premades! If I use your idea, I’ll give you half off if you like it, along with tagging you. Read the rules before buying. Thank you! The Rules ☆I will hold premades for 24 hours, and it’ll go back up unless I receive half the payment. ☆ Do not resell, edit, revamp, steal, trace, or use artwork without permission. ☆ I don’t give textless versions of DPs, and I require your username to attach to the DP to prevent theft. (a bit.) ☆ I don’t do changes unless specified. ☆ Keep your form tidy, and make sure you fill it correctly. ☆ No refunds. ☆ Send badges to bandai @ IMVU and sieeps @ IMVU. ☆ All funds go to bandai. THE FORM ☆Username : ☆ Premade # : ☆ Extra : ☆ Price : Credit me as the badge artist. And by the way, you’re free to order privately. Just message me. Rules are subject to change. I may change something in the thread, sorry if that bothers you. But I usually forget something. PRICES : Badges are 2,000c a tile, however I may adjust the price if I feel its too expensive. Display pictures are 15,000c.
  3. I'm selling: Display picture & badge premade Preview: Price: DP : 15,000cr Badge : (40x100) 10,000cr Status: Available
  4. I'm selling: 40x100 badge & display picture. Preview: Price: Badge : 10,000cr / $10 Display picture : 8,000cr / $8 Status: Badge : Available Display picture : Available
  5. I'm selling: Pixel Display Picture. Preview: Price: 10$ Status: Available. Has it been 24 hours since you last posted here? yes.
  6. I'm selling: Two DPs from scratch. Preview: Price: rose ; 8$ bishonen ; 8$ Status: rose : Available bishonen : Available Has it been 24 hours since you last posted here? Yes. PM me if interested/have questions, will send you rules during transaction.
  7. I'm selling: Display picture. Preview: Price: 8$ Status: Available. PM me if interested/have questions, will send you rules during transaction.
  8. Hey there and welcome to GASR!  If you ever need assistance, please don't hesitate to use the options sent to you via PM!  The current staff list can be found here.   :byaslove:

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