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hello, i'm oppa!

| pentagon | loz series | bts | vixx | reol & nqrse | writing | tcap | youtube | creating characters | cooking |

nongshim & samyang noodles are best noodles imho.


> if you ever want to say hello, you should really pm me and we can have a great time.

oppa facts

> i am studying japanese.

> i am 15.

> i don't like chocolate/sweets that much.

> when i'm stressed i listen to the loztp soundtrack. its calming.

> i have a short temper.

> pixel art is my favorite art style.

> cel-shading is amazing.

> if you say my art style is tumblr-esque i get offended.

> i want to work in the game industry; i'd like to make a team and create a MMORPG.

> my secondary choice of work is being a psychiatrist.

> i have a lot of stories i keep personal to myself.

> i have a lot of ocs, i try my best to use all of them but sometimes itdoesntreallywork.

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