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About Me:
My name is Emberly but most people call me by my real name Kenzie.

I'm a 22 year old that's OBSESSED with buying art!  

I'm currently in school for physical therapy.

I have a husky puppy named Kenai and guinea pig named Oreo that I love to death! 

I love meeting new people though I'm usually a bit shy at first. 


Anything pink, purple, or light blue

Basically anything that is girly and cute

Unicorns, puppies, guinea pigs, bunnies, piggies, kitties, bats & elephants! 

Sweets like chocolate, cheesecake, & ice cream

Goth art 



Rude/petty people

Mushrooms and pickles!

When people talk over me

SPIDERS... they really do scare me! xD

When people judge others without knowing them


I don't talk to many people. I usually keep to myself but I have a couple of close friends that I keep close me. 

@Nikki, @Crimaand @Caedis.

I'm always up to make new friends so don't be afraid to message me or dm on discord @Kenzie#3355

Also you can feel free to add me on IMVU @ EmberIy


Pixels Used

Rose Branches: xx

Strawberry Parfait: x

About Me made by the lovely @Caedis

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