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  1. he is almost done! I worked on a little tonight. i'll finish the background tomorrow ^^ @Togi
  2. @Togi she looks amazing! I won't be able to finish my end of the trade as I'm out of town till next week. 😫
  3. aww I tried to make all my ocs a lil simple but thats fine you gotta pick what is your comfort zone ^^ and oooh she looks good so far! @Togi
  4. I do not mind waiting! im just glad you told me! I am not in a rush hehe and gosh darn if you love them all properly we can do multiple trades another time but for now you gotta chose the lucky oc to be drawn XD. @Togi
  5. @Togi I have returned with doodle wips cause I've been doodling between 1-3am in the morning but sadly you have the hard task of choosing which one -evil cackling- I chose the males because I don't have enough practice for males. Don't mind my bed or the random turtle XD.
  6. I am so happy you like it! I rarely draw couples this gave me a challenge ^^ and no problemo I am not in a rush @Pixelz
  7. @Togi whoops surprised ruined lool and yes the example is the hairstyle! i'll change that for the future XD.
  8. @Togi do whatever feels right to you! I am not fussed on what you decide to imagine for my ocs. I shall have wips soon
  9. @Togi heeeey a chance to trade?! I shall not miss! ☆ Form ☆ OC I want to draw: can I surpise you? I've already drawn your babies three times now Examples: < old to new> Size (Bust or waist/half body): waist Text: toyo OC/Ref: https://sta.sh/2iabh1drppe Extra: bedazzle my darlings
  10. @Pixelz you have complete freedom to do what ya want ^^ also here is my end of the trade -phew- done at last I hope ya like it
  11. @Pixelz final wip. got most of it done tonight ^^
  12. @Pixelz still working on my end of the trade sorry i'm slow just getting back into my art again today . i should have a wip tonight or tomorrow ^^
  13. oooh she looks amazing! .@Pixelz update: was in a doodling mode tonight so here is a doodle of your twin ocs together ^^ might be trying stuff with this ocs together in painting ^^
  14. Aww I'm glad you like em! We can do double trade if you want? So I can just throw the pair together in one piece ?😁. I'll be a lil slow art block is kissing my butt these days 😑. @Pixelz

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