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  1. ToyoziK


    oooh I'm liking this! a different take Amy! it looks great ^^. I get the artblock moment it is frustrating but you will get out of it soon .
  2. ToyoziK

    pls trade w me i'll paint from scratch 4 u

    @Jessibelle you got other commitments and that is fine if it makes ya a lil slow it happens to all of us and you are giving wips when you can so Im not fussed on waiting normally If I was on top of my creative speed I would have been done with yours in 2/3 days and be happy with what im working on sometimes I have days like this but it happens to all artists. also do you have any other pictures of outfits? or can I choose an outfit? cause most of your pics apart from one crop your whole outfit out ^^''. but here is a wip:
  3. ToyoziK

    Art Trades ~We are the Weirdos~

    I'm coming back to trade with you soon! I just gotta finish my other art stuff over the course of this week and next week ^^ and i'll put a form down
  4. ToyoziK

    pls trade w me i'll paint from scratch 4 u

    @Jessibelle I know how you feel hands are a pain XD! i'm currently working on it now Im half tempted to scrap it and start over .-.
  5. ToyoziK

    pls trade w me i'll paint from scratch 4 u

    aww she looks amazing so far! @Jessibelle. no problemo i'll tweek it and send another wip ^^
  6. ToyoziK

    Artsy Stuff (Open)

    I love ya too hun @HippieDippie
  7. ToyoziK

    Artsy Stuff (Open)

    ok you've reduced my aniexty slightly XD. thanks for always coming to my shops I just know when one day I open a custom shop you'll be there @namjoon
  8. ToyoziK

    Artsy Stuff (Open)

    aww shucks thank you >w<. its always males that im never proud of . @namjoon
  9. ToyoziK

    Artsy Stuff (Open)

    I'm sort of back ^^ @namjoon here is yours a week later! xD... not proud of it . @Incisive just as I was done finishing with wai's I looked through yours and inspiration hit me to do yours! I don't do cute stuff often ^^ sadly I have to give you freedom to PICK ONE! -cue evil laughter- @HippieDippie I pick my other art stalker of course XD.
  10. ToyoziK

    . : 𝖡𝗈𝗋𝖾𝖽 | Tradoo uwu : .

    @Ronin she's done! Im gonna put the full image on Instagram is that alright with you? ^^
  11. ToyoziK

    pls trade w me i'll paint from scratch 4 u

    @Jessibelle before I go any further is this alright so far? any changes ^^''
  12. ToyoziK

    . : 𝖡𝗈𝗋𝖾𝖽 | Tradoo uwu : .

    @Ronin a wip ^^ also this is gonna be in black and white! since most of the stuff you have is black in the pinterest stuff XD.
  13. ToyoziK

    . : 𝖡𝗈𝗋𝖾𝖽 | Tradoo uwu : .

    @Ronin better? ^^
  14. ToyoziK

    pls trade w me i'll paint from scratch 4 u

    Only because Im home thats why I'm fast! Sweet i'll send a wip of the line art and base colours soon ^^ @Jessibelle
  15. ToyoziK

    . : 𝖡𝗈𝗋𝖾𝖽 | Tradoo uwu : .

    is this better? :o I deleted the background but it still shows up with white background xD. also what are we trading? dps or full art? i'll send a wip later on today ^^. @Ronnie

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