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  1. ToyoziK

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    @Kitsei hello! I'd love to trade with you ^^ only problem is just waiting for my usb to come in next weekend so I won't be able to start digitally colouring till two weeks from now but I can still draw in my sketchbook and show the wip poses. Also I think I've drawn for you in past trade last year. Art Examples the examples are about two months old) What You Want To Trade To the waist art with a dp? I can do the same? ^^ Estimated Completion Date if I get my tablet usb n time next weekend I should finish it in a week less depending how I inspired I am. OC You Want Drawn Rose Daniels Pose References all in the stash folder. Etc. you have artist freedom Text toyo if you don't want to do Rose, here are my other ocs - xx
  2. ToyoziK


    @Flaky ahh she looks amazing and you did a decent job to me! and I don't mind waiting haha ^^
  3. ToyoziK


    ahh so pretty @Flaky
  4. ToyoziK


    @Flaky phew I'm happy you love him and I love what you are doing with her so far! I love the fluffy afro .
  5. ToyoziK


    @Flaky your darling oc is done unless you want me to throw more changes in? i had fun doing everything (expect his hair) but I won't stress lol.
  6. ToyoziK


    @Flaky I'm surprised no one does! 😮 besides I chose him to challenge myself as I'm drawing more males this month and I sure will! I'll send the colour palette to you later on today and no biggie I am in rush ^^
  7. ToyoziK


    @Flaky I have returned with a surprise wip! now the hard part is you choosing
  8. ToyoziK


    @Flaky Awesome! Im not in any hurry so you can take your time, art can never be rushed Haha. I'm seeing the improvements too from you and yas you are doing a wonderful job! Keep it up my fellow artist 🙌🏾 as we both strive to become better. I'll start my end tomorrow in my sketchbook and then draw the lineart wips then show you when I'm done. Low key nervous to go back to digital art again haven't drawn digitally for a month yikes 😓
  9. ToyoziK


    @Flaky if this trade is still accepting ^^;; Form Art examples: below are the last two drawings I did before I traveled at the end of last month. which oc you want to draw - can I surprise you? >W> what you want: to the shoulders bust and a dp? ^^ Your oc: Dy Alexis Julie Nicole Text: toyo extra: you can whoever you want to draw. I've drawn for you in the past about a year ago. I drew Osaki ^^
  10. he is almost done! I worked on a little tonight. i'll finish the background tomorrow ^^ @Togi
  11. @Togi she looks amazing! I won't be able to finish my end of the trade as I'm out of town till next week. 😫
  12. aww I tried to make all my ocs a lil simple but thats fine you gotta pick what is your comfort zone ^^ and oooh she looks good so far! @Togi
  13. I do not mind waiting! im just glad you told me! I am not in a rush hehe and gosh darn if you love them all properly we can do multiple trades another time but for now you gotta chose the lucky oc to be drawn XD. @Togi
  14. @Togi I have returned with doodle wips cause I've been doodling between 1-3am in the morning but sadly you have the hard task of choosing which one -evil cackling- I chose the males because I don't have enough practice for males. Don't mind my bed or the random turtle XD.

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